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Anaheim: Santa Ana River Lakes ushers in June with huge cats

Topped by 44 pounder

BY BLAKE WARREN/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jun 05, 2019

ANAHEIM — Catfish anglers plying the banks of Santa Ana River Lakes this past weekend sure were glad to be there at the right time, as a quartet of whiskerfish going over 30 pounds were caught and released, highlighted by the catch of a season-best 44 pounder. Another weekly stocking that included some double-digit cats went in on Thursday, and while overall numbers were fairly steady through the weekend it was the bruiser models that stole the show on Saturday and Sunday.

floattuberFLOAT TUBER Kevin Kaiser from Ontario timed it right and caught this hulking 44-pound catfish at Santa Ana River Lakes on a fly-lined mackerel chunk in the Catfish Lake.

“Man, this past weekend was great for the big cats,” said Colby Elliott at SARL. “The biggest was a 44 pounder but we had more than a fair share of double-digit fish caught and some real monsters that apparently wanted to eat.”

That so-far season-best 44-pound cat was roped in via float tube by Kevin Kaiser of Ontario in the Catfish Lake on fly-lined mackerel on Saturday. The Big Lake kicked out a pair of nearly-matching trophies for Canido Cruz of Fontana near the Boat Dock at 35 pounds on shrimp, while La Palma Point gave up a 34½-pound kitty to Daril Aldana on a mackerel/marshmallow offering. The Yellow Pipes area also yielded a couple of bigs at 32 and 29 pounds on shrimp and mackerel, respectively – quite the run on submarine catfish by any standard for the first weekend in June, or any weekend of the year for that matter.

SARL is open six days a week (closed Thursdays for stocking) and offers overnight fishing and camping sessions every Friday and Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 4 p.m. the following day.

THE YELLOW PIPES were smoking this past weekend at SARL, kicking out a number of big whiskerfish like this 32 pounder taken on shrimp by Jimmy Shelton of Orange.

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