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Big Bear Lake: Basser has impressive run over three days

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Jun 05, 2019

BIG BEAR LAKE — The term “home lake” can take on a different meaning from one angler to the next. For Chris Soliz, Big Bear Lake runs deep in his family, and he had quite a run up there in a final visit before moving out of California.

“My dad taught me how to bass fish up there at Windy Point,” said Soliz. “I caught my first bass there, spread my father’s ashes there, then we broke the lake record. I truly couldn’t be more shocked at the narrative, nor could I be happier.”

THIS 6.43-POUND Big Bear Lake largemouth would have set a new lake record, but she was released. The fish was caught by Chris Soliz, who was fishing a Jackall Gantarel swimbait in Boulder Bay.

As many Southern California anglers know, a good day on bass at Big Bear Lake is different than just about anywhere else. A couple biters is a good day, and anything over 5 pounds is noteworthy, especially when you take into consideration the lake record is under 7 pounds. With that in mind, if someone out there has had a similar run on Big Bear in three-consecutive days, we don’t know about it.

“Monday, I caught a 5.85, and I know the lake record was low, so I went over to Big Bear Sporting Goods to see if they knew the weight,” Soliz told WON. “Guy said ‘7 pounds,’ but said to come back and talk to Steve on Tuesday. I did and showed him a picture of the 5.84 and of the 4 pounder I had just caught. We started talking about the lake record, and he recalled it at 6.84.”

The next day — the last day of the trip — on his last run before getting off the water, he connected to what would tip the digital scale at 6.43 pounds in Boulder Bay on a Jackall Gantarel swimbait.

“She was big, but I thought I was a half-pound short of the lake record, so we let her go after we weighed and measured her,” said Soliz. “I ran straight to show Steve the video, and we were talking about the (Big Bear Lake bass) article in WON that was open on the counter, and that’s when I noticed the 6.35-pound record and realized I had just beat it. Man, I freaked out a little, but hey, we have it on video, and that memory will always be with me.”

To see video of the event from approach, cast, hookup, land and release, go to and search, “We beat the lake record! 6.43 Big Bear Largemouth Bass.”

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