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San Antonio’s South Shore returning to full operation for first time in two years this weekend

BY BLAKE WARREN/WON Staff WriterPublished: May 17, 2017

Winds, cold front slow fishing a bit

BRADLEY — Both anglers and recreational boaters alike have now had their long-awaited taste of Lake San Antonio since its limited-use reopening April 14, but now they will get as much as they want, as the lake’s South Shore will return to full, 7-days-a-week operation starting this Friday, May 19. San Antone’s North Shore will then join the fray in full-operation mode starting June 9, after hosting the annual Lightning in a Bottle Festival later this month.

This will mark the first time the lake will be open seven days a week since 2015 — the lake was open on a weekends-only basis for a few weeks late last summer and again just this past month after winter rains lifted the water level from single digits to over half full — the lake is currently sitting at around 57 percent of capacity.

Local outdoor writer Rich Lingor reported that the Lynch ramp is now open and looking to be in good shape, while the South Shore store is also open for business with fuel available.

“Maintenance crews were busy sawing and clearing, while rangers were adjusting dock tethers,” Lingor said. “The marina has some extensive storm damage though, and it will not be available, but everything else is looking good.”

According to Rocky Moun­tain Recreation General Man­ager Mark Sandoval, the Lynch Campground has also been added to the list of available campsites.

This past weekend’s fishing was hampered by some stiff winds and a cold front that rolled through the area, putting halt on water temps that were trending upward prior to its arrival. However, anglers still made it out, even if in fewer numbers, and found fair action overall.

On the bad news side of things, striped bass fishing was tough over the weekend and the linesides proved more elusive than preferred with anglers reporting not much sign of life on their electronics, while also battling a healthy chop from the wind.

However, black bass are biting fairly well for those managing to find ’em, and some chunky fish are being caught, including some nice quality smallmouth. While this past weekend tapered off some from the weekend prior with the cooler weather coming through, fair-or-better fishing is still the rule at San Antonio.

The windy conditions over the weekend made for a pretty good spinnerbait bite, however, reported Lingor. “We had to work for ’em a little bit but staying persistent with the spinnerbait worked tight to newly inundated brush paid off with some good thumps, with our big fish at a little over 3 pounds” Lingor said. “The shad seemed to be in migration but we found some bait schools in wind-blown spawning zones with bass and birds snacking on them. I would expect more of this when this cold front subsides.”

With the shad spawn on the docket, you can likely do a lot worse than heavily leaning on shad-centric baits in the coming weeks. Alabama rigs, Flukes, underspins and plastics in shad colors are all good options.

Lingor also noted that San Antonio’s catfish appear to be getting more active. After having a 3-pound kitty inhale a drop-shotted worm a week ago, he said he found a similar model willing to whack his spinnerbait on Friday. “The cats seem eager to feed and should be in spawning mode,” he said. “I would expect anglers targeting cats with traditional baits would experience some good results.”

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