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Castaic: Finesse stuff still working best on Castaic bass

Better quality down deeper

BY BLAKE WARREN/WON Staff Writer Published: Jun 21, 2019

Trout anglers capitalizing on late-season stocks

CASTAIC — With stable conditions for a number of weeks now and the outflow to the lower lake having ceased a week and a half ago, Castaic Lake bassers have been able to hone in on and fine tune a pattern at the lake that continues to rack up good numbers. And by most all accounts, that pattern is essentially working the 5- to 20-foot zone in the Fish Arm with finesse techniques.

FATHER’S DAY FUN for John and Hailey Petroski, who fished C3 Baits Shimmies in Neptune Shad for 20-something bass on Sunday.

“Main points and long secondary points have been the best areas to target,” said guide Jim Taibi. “Fishing the morning shade along the bluffs adjacent to the spawning flats has been productive also.” Among the most productive baits for Taibi in the current bite are 5-inch Yamamoto/Daiwa Neko Fat Worms rigged wacky-style, 4½-inch Robos in Castaic Weenie or Aaron’s Magic and C3 Baits Ice Picks and Shimmies worked slowly on a Carolina rig.

C3 Baits owner John Petroski has been fishing both the main lake and the Lagoon in recent days, essentially echoing Taibi’s assessment of the current bite. “The better fish are still down to 20 feet or more and as shallow as 5 feet for the smaller versions,” Petroski said. “I hit the upper lake Saturday and landed about 20 fish in three hours on the Ice Pick, then fished Father’s Day with my daughter Hailey from Boise St. on the Lagoon and caught another 20-something fish in a few hours drifting the Shimmy in Neptune Shad.”

No fewer than three recent late-season stockings from Calaveras Trout Farm are keeping trout anglers’ rods bent at Castaic as well. While surface temps in the 70s are keeping the recently stocked rainbows spread out and in search of cooler waters, anglers moving around are doing just fine in filling out stringers.

“Anglers are coming out in droves to catch these quality 1- to 3-pound colorful fish,” Taibi said. “The fish aren’t hanging around too long after the stockings and are being caught all over the lake.” He added that green and yellow PowerBait, minijigs and silver Kastmasters have been best for the rainbows and that bass guys are also hooking a few trout on finesse drop-shot and wacky-rigged worms.

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