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Double-stocks ignite trout bite at Dixon and Wohlford Lakes

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Jan 31, 2019

ESCONDIDO — A 1,500 plant on Jan. 22 put a charge in the trout bite that was already pretty solid.Trout Cove, the Buoy Line and Boat Dock Cove have been the most productive spots of late.

Floating baits on a short 2-pound leader are filling the most stringers, but minjigs seem to be getting the better ones. One of which was a 7.1 pounder that ate a smoke-colored jig for Matt McDevitt who was fishing off Pier 1. Nightcrawlers are also getting a few.

WORK OF ART — Reseda angler Art Boyamian of Team 57 with a quality Dixon Lake rainbow caught at the Buoy Line.

Team 57 members Art Boyamian of Reseda and Dan Pinel of San Pedro were rewarded for their long commute to Dixon with a solid day on the water.

“We anchored on the Buoy Line, and I got the first one on a Mice Tail on a Carolina rig and decided to set up a bobber with a long leader and half a ‘crawler along with the Mice Tail to cover the top and bottom of the water column,” said Boyamian. “That was the ticket. We got slammed left and right with that bobber rig as we adjusted the leader to 5 feet and added a split-shot 4 to 6 inches from the hook.”

He added the “perfect breeze” gave the rig the ideal drift, and he was dipping his offerings in Bite-On garlic.

That hot off-season catfish bite that kicked out some tanks – including a new lake record – has finally tapered off but a few are still coming in for the handful of anglers targeting them with mackerel, or for trout guys dunking worms. The bluegill bite is slow, but the few biters there are out there are being found deep and are better quality panfish.

The next couple trout plants are something to not only mark on your calendar, but also circle it with multiple big red hearts: 1,500 pounds of Calaveras rainbows will go in on both Feb. 13 and 19. These rare “double stocks” only happen a couple times per year, and fishing is always outstanding when it happens.

wolfehoardWOLFE HOARD — Michael Wolfe who runs the Troutzillas group on Instagram nabbed this 6-pound Lake Wohlford rainbow on a Kastmaster.

Across town, Lake Wohlford is a great example of that phenomena where sustained “limit style” fishing lasted a couple weeks after anglers enjoyed “limits in minutes” on stock day and the day after. It’s on again with 1,500 pounds in as of Jan. 22, an a 2,000 pound load capped it off on Jan .31. This in addition to holdovers from the heavy stocking that has gone on all season.

“Calaveras trout eat whatever’s in your tackle box,” said Mike Wolfe of the Instagram group, Troutzillas. “I saw several different methods being used to catch fish from jigs, metal, drop-shots and split-shot rigs.”

Wolfe reported to Western Outdoor News after he highlighted a day on Wohlford with a 6-pound rainbow that fell for the Kastmaster he was chucking.

There’s still a respectable catfish bite going on with limits regular considering they haven’t been stocked since summer, and they are biting all over the lake for anglers using mackerel, chicken livers or nightcrawlers. Crappie have been heating up for slabs to north of 2 pounds that are eating shiners or jigs.

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