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Gorman: Pyramid stripers still going strong

Bass bite slows some but still producing

BY BLAKE WARREN/WON Staff WriterPublished: Sep 05, 2019

GORMAN — Life has been pretty good to striped bass anglers at Pyramid Lake the last few weeks for the most part. Boiler chasers, trollers and bait-and-wait folks are all finding their quarry at a consistent clip as the calendar flips to September.

ONE OF THE better jailbirds from Rich Richardson's most recent visit to Pyramid Lake this past week, when he found boiling stripers all around the launch ramp and connected with this solid lineside on a white swimbait before limiting out between the island and the freeway side of the lake between boiling fish and fish on the troll.

“There's still some great striper fishing going at Pyramid,” Richardson said after hitting the lake late last week. “The water temp was right around 76 at just after 6 a.m. and there were boils all around the ramp area. First cast I got a good one on a white swimbait and then headed between the island and the freeway side from 7 to 11 and limited on boils and trolling. For bait-and-wait guys, the fish are mostly at 30 to 50 feet and there were two boats out there just killing it on bloodworms and chicken livers.” Sardines and anchovies are also getting some bites for the bait-soaking crowd.

The recent heat wave has also brought with it a good bit of expected algae that has now cropped up throughout the lake. However, while generally a nuisance, Pyramid's stripers don't seem to mind the recent summer bloom. “There is a lot of green algae floating in most parts of the lake but they are biting right under it,” said Richardson. “Got a couple good ones and some smaller ones, but I had a 9 or 10 pounder on that bent the hook and it pulled – I saw him, just didn't get him in, so there are definitely some bigger boys in there!”

Shifting gears to from stripers to bassin', the overall bite slowed some with the continued hot weather but decent-to-good numbers are still out there for those employing the right approaches to sync with the current late-summer pattern. There are some topwater opportunities first thing with smaller buzzbaits and poppers, especially around the island, but guide Rusty Brown said there's a solid one-two punch that's been producing pretty consistently at Pyramid as of late.

“It's all grass fishing right now,” Brown said. “Just working both the inside and outside of those grasslines. When they're a little more active it's been pretty good with Flukes rigged on either a wide gap 3/0 hook or on a scrounger, and when they're just a little less aggressive the Robo Fat Worms in Aaron's Magic and MMIII have been good Texas rigged.” Brown added that old-school greenie weenie worms are also a solid choice and that he's been running a 3/16-ounce tungsten on his T-rigs. In addition to the island, Serrano and Bear Trap have been fishing steadily. There's been some decent quality at Pyramid too. While most catches are running 1 to 3 pounds there have been a few 4s and 5s mixing in to keep things interesting.

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