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Hemet: Diamond Valley Lake cleared up following algae bloom

Largemouth keying on bluegill

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jul 03, 2019

HEMET — Diamond Valley Lake has fully recovered from the algae bloom, and largemouth bass have been on a very respectable bite. Bass fishing was actually solid right through the bloom, but recently, DVL’s resident bucketmouths have been clearly trending toward summer patterns.

“The water is clean with great color,” said SoCal guide, Pete Marino. “The bass bite is good from 2 to 33 feet deep with the bigger fish eating the Neko rig in 15 to 33 feet of water. They are also eating poppers because of the massive amount of baby bluegill in the shallows.”

MATT MAGNONE OF Last Chance Bait and Tackle in Hemet with a solid DVL largemouth that fell for his own MMBaits Gill Swimbait.

That report sounded a lot like the one sent to WON by Matt Magnone of Last Chance Bait and Tackle in Hemet, who is the local expert on all things DVL.

“Bass are from the bank out to 30 feet deep off main and secondary points,” said Magnone. “Senkos, Texas rigs and drop-shots, normal stuff, but I want to emphasize the big push of bluegill up on the bank. Bass are starting to go ape on them as a food source. Topwater fish are starting to show with regularity as well.”

Magnone caught a chunky bass on a MMBaits Gill Swim­bait of his own design.

Lake regular Jesse Mena also had a productive day on DVL bass. He did best in the 10- to 20-foot depth window with jigs and creature baits and scored multiple fish in the 5- to 8-pound range. Another local, Aaron Copado, rang the bell himself with a football largemouth that ate a Black Dog Baits Bubba Bluegill fished up shallow, and wouldn’t you know it? He had this to say about the DVL bass scene.

“The bite has been full speed at Diamond Valley with baitfish up shallow and tons of baby bass and bluegill in that 5-foot zone inside coves and along the dams,” he said. “The fish are finally starting to wolfpack.”

The first big striped bass in some time was also reported. That one by Hemet-based guide Mike Southerland who was trolling a fly on leadcore line, also known as “fly coring.” He said water temps are ranging from 76 to 78 degrees.

finallyFINALLY A BIG STRIPER reported at Diamond Valley Lake. Guide Mike Southerland caught this one “flycoring,” which is his own brand of trolling a fly on leadcore line.

bluegillsimitatorsBLUEGILL IMITATORS ARE scoring some nice bass at Diamond Valley Lake. This one bit a Black Dog Bubba Bluegill up shallow for Aaron Copado.

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