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Numbers and double-digit size still hopping at Hesperia Lake

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Aug 09, 2018

HESPERIA — After a slow start to the summer, Hesperia Lake has become one of the most consistent catfish locales of the season. Stringers are filling up very regularly, and lately it’s been news if a week passes without a fish over 10 pounds hitting the scale.

hespeialakehasHESPERIA LAKE HAS been one of the most consistent catfish holes in Southern California for weeks. That’s where Jason Henry fooled this 10 pounder using a marshmallow along the North Shore.

San Bernardino angler Jason Henry did the honors this time around with a 10-pound catfish he caught on the North Shore using a yellow marshmallow. Mauricio Caldera of Apple Valley was next with a 7.4 pounder that ate the local-favorite M&M (marshmallow mealworm) combo at Grassy Bank. A 4-pound model ate nightcrawlers at the Finger for Mylz Collier of Hesperia, and Fidel Salas of East Los Angeles put together a limit using a combo of shrimp and garlic nightcrawlers by the Drain.

The last delivery from Superior Catfish in Arvin, Calif. went in on Aug. 2. That and all stocks at Hesperia was a 1,000 pounder consisting mainly of 1.5- to 2-pound fish along with some in the 2- to 4-pound range and a handful of trophy fish. Anglers can generally count on a catfish plant to arrive every Thursday.

Hot days with 90- to 105-degree temps are the rule along with some afternoon wind. The North Shore, Finger and Sandy Point have been the hot spots, but Hesperia Lake is so chock-full of fish, a limit can be compiled anywhere.

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