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Oak View: Casitas bass keyed on shad

Feeding in all parts of water column

/WON Staff WriterPublished: Oct 17, 2019

OAK VIEW — It is autumn in earnest at Lake Casitas and its largemouth bass are keying in on shad and getting active throughout the water column. With cooling lake temps and the shift in seasons, Casitas' bass are apparently getting with the program after a long, slow summer of anglers having to grind out their few-and-far-between bites.

A SOLID DOUBLE on the Alabama rig for Casitas guide Fred Klinshaw this past week after dropping off a couple clients on the dock. Casitas' bass have been biting up and down the water column, from surface biters on down to 30 feet.

“Casitas is absolutely getting really fun right now,” said local guide Fred Klinshaw. “While weeding through the small bass you're able to get some quality 3 to 5 pounders, which aren't all too uncommon right now. We've been able to catch them on topwater first thing in the morning and then on swimbaits and jerkbaits for the rest of the day. The shad have really come up good and the bass are keyed on them. We're catching them in all parts of the water column, and if you can find feeding birds you can get bit. We're finding fish from 1 to 30 feet.”

The biggest reported bass of the week went to local Kurt Ebken Jr. with a 7-pound bucketmouth that couldn't resist a swimbait late in the week. Scott Sanford at Lake Casitas Boat Rentals also told WON Monday morning that the bass bite was “getting much better,” and that he had an uptick in good topwater reports at the shop through the week.

The bluegill bite is also going strong at Casitas, with mealworms and medium-size nightcrawlers putting ‘gills on stringers throughout the lake over the past week. October is generally a good month for catfish at the Ventura watershed as well, and while the cats have yet to show in full force, local angler William Segovia was able to bank a 17-pound whiskerfish this past week just after dark on Friday.

KURT EBKEN JR. of Ojai with an impressive 7-pound Casitas bucketmouth caught this past week on a swimbait.

williamsegoviaWILLIAM SEGOVIA FOOLED this 17-pound mackerel this past Friday evening at Lake Casitas.

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