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Perris: Huge Lake Perris largemouth punctuates special outing

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 03, 2020

PERRIS — The chatter out of Perris suggests more big bass are being caught at Lake Perris than are being reported, and while it’s difficult to confirm when dealing with serious bass anglers, a couple recent catches certainly lean in that direction. For the first time in 2020 reporting on Perris, we’ve got a double-digit bass.

As soon as the photo of Valley Center angler Hannah Gittleson’s arrived, the Western Outdoor News editoral department knew it was a candidate for the cover shot. While a double-digit bass is memorable for any angler, it had an extra special meaning for Gittleson.

THIS 10.2-POUND largemouth stands as a new personal best for Valley Center angler Hannah Gittleson, and she caught it on a special day on Lake Perris. Her previous P.B. went 7 pounds. PHOTO COURTESY HANNAH GITTLESON

“That gorgeous bass was caught on the 8-year anniversary of my dad passing away,” said Gittleson. “On each anniversary, I try to make the most of that day, reminiscing while doing something that makes me happy and brings me peace. Chase, my fiance’, knows how much I enjoy fishing, so he brought us out to Perris for a date on the lake.”

Gittleson told WON she set the hook after feeling a couple bumps and the fish was on, and she could tell just by her rod tip alone it was a big fish. When the big largemouth surfaced and flashed color, the couple was in shock and “beyond words.”

“We got her on the scale, 10.2 pounds. Unbelievable,” she added. “At that moment, realizing I had caught my first double-digit fish, Chase said, ‘If that wasn’t from your Dad, I don’t know what is!’ She was such an incredible fish, we just knew she was a gift from Dad in Heaven.”

Kenny Baldwin of Producer Plugs piled up multiple impressive limits in January, but it was a single fish that gets the nod this week rather than a five-fish bag. His went 8.1 pounds and ate one of his own Producer Flies trolled on leadcore 27 feet down. Baldwin managed to land three more bass between 2 and 3 pounds on the same setup.

Other bassers are getting some chunky 3 to 4 pounders fishing Ned rigs, drop-shots and Texas rigs excruciatingly slow in 20 to 30 feet of water, but it seems like bites are few and far between and reserved for those willing to grind it out.

productiveredlandsPRODUCTIVE — Redlands angler Kenny Baldwin of Producer Plugs trolled his own Producer Fly on leadcore 27 feet down for this 8.1-pound Lake Perris bucketmouth. PHOTO COURTESY PRODUCER PLUGS

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