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Portion of Perris hits magic temp mark in afternoons

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Mar 07, 2019

PERRIS – Reports in WON on Lake Perris spanning the last few weeks have included a suggestion this is the first Southern California to spawn, and according to a regular source on the impoundment, water temperature reached 60 degrees on the East End by Sunday afternoon. So, we’re standing by that statement.

producingPRODUCING — Redlands angler Kenny Baldwin of Producer Plugs took this Lake Perris largemouth with a Producer Fly. It was one of many, but this was the biggest at 8.1 pounds.

“The water was much warmer today,” said David Clay, who fishes Perris just about every weekend and follows up with a report to WON. “Many people fished shallow with little luck, but there are definitely staging fish.”

Clay and his buddy fished in the 25 to 45 foot zone and ran into a good morning bite that included four 5-pound-class largemouth, and they did get smaller models in shallower spots under 15 feet of water. According to Clay, a couple feet of water was drawn out of the lake – possibly in anticipation of upcoming rain – and there is still an active algae boom going on. This following weeks of a steadily rising water level allowing three launch ramps to operate smoothly.

Another regular, Kenny Baldwin of Producer lures, has been using his own custom Producer flies to put a beatdown on Perris bass. He told WON he’s been getting them from from Bernasconi Beach to the East End.

“Fish at the dam are still spitting up 4-inch shad,” he said. “Mot of my fish are being caught 30 to 40 feet deep, a couple at 25.”

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