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Bigger bass bite as they jockey for spawning position at Perris

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 15, 2017

PERRIS — Last week’s early morning blade bitewas a great sign after seemingly endless winter doldrums clamped dowon Lake Perris for weeks. That bite has since fallen off, but some impressive catches are starting to happen as resident largemouth stage for the spawn.

LAKE PERRIS MIGHT be set to explode as bigger bass are activating and preparing to spawn. This 8.3-pound toad was nabbed by Christopher Bowman who was flipping a Havoc Pit Boss into some tules on the south shore.

San Bernardino angler Christopher Bowman was fishing with lake regular Michael Craig when he tied into an 8.3-pound bucketmouth while flipping a Havoc Pit Boss.

“That beast was buried in the tules after the water rose over six feet in the last two weeks,” said Bowman. “With the full moon and warm temperatures, the fish are moving up and the first wave of spawners are in position. One more week and the spawn is on!”

If his name is ringing a bell, he appeared in Western Outdoor News after sticking a double-digit bass on a drop-shot near the dam at Perris. He was on Craig’s boat that time, too.

“My second big bass on Mike’s boat. He might never take me again!”

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