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Angling duo scores double-catfish-limits twice in one weekend at Lake Poway

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff WriterPublished: Sep 20, 2018

POWAY — It’s been over a month since the last catfish stock at Lake Poway, and limits are still coming out.

A father-and-son duo each scored limits, then came back a couple days later and did it again. Tristan Aguon and his father, Kirk Aguon of Poway are the dedicated shore bangers that put together their first double limit between Jump Off Point, Hidden and Boulder Bay. On the second go-around, Hidden Bay was all they needed to string up 10 whiskerfish. They used shrimp for bait on both days on the water.

Other anglers are getting cats from boats outside of any of those spots and along the Log Boom, or from the shorelines closest to the Dock and either end of the Log Boom. The water temperature is still up there at 80 degrees even, and trout stocking doesn’t even become a conversation until it drops below 70 for at least a week.

Senior Ranger Marc Barca told Western Outdoor News there are plenty of biting bluegill being caught off the Fishing Pier by anglers sending down pieces of nightcrawlers. He also mentioned two upcoming campouts on Oct. 5 and 19. For more info on those, visit Poway.org and find them on the calendar.

THE FATHER-AND-SON duo of Tristan and Kirk Aguon of Poway each limited on two visits to Lake Poway last weekend. They fished from shore and used shrimp for bait. Here, Tristan shows off the 7 pounder that stood as the top fish after two incredible days of fishing.

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