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Double-digit stripers activate at Silverwood Lake

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 08, 2018

SUMMIT VALLEY — Trout have been back in the lake for about a month after a long layoffand while the bite isn’t reflective of the amount of fish that went in,it seems to have ignited a decent striped bass bite highlighted by two, alleged, double-digit models.

thirdcastcharmTHIRD CAST CHARM — Rancho Cucamonga angler Tanner Finn popped this 14-pound, 11-ounce striper in Silverwood Lake’s Cleghorn Canyon on his third cast with a lunker punker.He was using 30-pound Izorline XXX and an Okuma C3 rod.

One is confirmed. Silvwerwood regular Tanner Finn popped a 14-pound, 11-inch striper while working a Lunker Punker in Cleghorn Canyon. He delivered the Punker on 30-pound Izorline XXX loaded on a Shimano Calcutta te 400 matched with an Okuma C3 rod, and he connected with the fish on his third cast.

Another angler told lake staffers he caught-and-released a 36-pounder that ate a swimbait in Cleghorn. He said he would send them a photo, but he hadn’t as of press time, so let’s call it a “maybe” for now. The Marina Dock is producing some school-sized jailbirds with the biggest being about the class of the 4 pounder caught by Apple Valley angler Nathan Raner who was using anchovies.

There has not been a trout plant since the back-to-back brown trout stocks in the first two weeks of January. Despite the big numbers of trout that went in, the bite never really took off. It continues to be fair fishing at best, with nightcrawlers doing the most damage near the dam, throughout Cleghorn and now, off the dock.

The good news is, the Mojave River Hatchery is back online after a major upgrade job, and the logical thinking is, it will return as a primary trout supplier for Silverwood Lake. At the moment, Silverwood is not on yet on the DFW stocking schedule, but just because the hatchery is operational doesn’t mean it has t he inventory of catchable-sized trout to stock yet. Western Outdoor News will be keeping a close eye on that situation.

dockworkDOCK WORK — Nathan Raner of Apple Valley shows off the class of striped bass that have been biting cut baits off the Marina Dock at Silverwood Lake.

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