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Silverwood Lake continues stocking brown trout

BY MIKE STEVENS/WON Staff Writer Published: Mar 07, 2018

SUMMIT VALLEY — Silverwood Lake continues to have brown trout stocked, and unlike the first few deliveries,the latest batch of fish have been biting very well. The first few plants resulted in a sporadic pick at the brownies despite big numbers going in, this while local trout anglers used to fishing for rainbows after stock day usually run into a wide open bite that quickly tapers off to fair fishing after about a week.

SilverwoodrRegularSILVERWOOD LAKE REGULAR Tanner Finn of Rancho Cucamonga was throwing a Lunker Punker in nasty weather when this fish blew up on his bait and missed several times, and finally connected.

Hemet angler Joaquin Rodriquez of the Mountain Top Anglers group had no idea the trout plant went in the day prior to his arrival at Silverwood and was there to take a shot at holdovers since most of them are still in there. He caught wind of the stock and heard it took place by the Marina Launch Ramp and proceeded to quickly limit on various jigs inlcluding Ultralight Heavyweights Minnows, Trout Candy Baits and orange Mice Tails on a Carolina rig.

“People caught limits all weekend, even with the bad weather,” said lake staffer Christine Simard.

Simard also told Western Outdoor News the Marina Rocks is a very productive area, and a lot of fish are being caught on spoons with a mealworm trailer. That’s how lake regular Kevin Conn of Hesperia caught four browns totaling 8.5 pounds, and he came back a few days later for a 7.5-pound limit.

After receiving one delivery of rainbows in October to start off the season, Silverwood went without a plant for over two months when the Mojave River Hatchery, their main supplier, underwent a major reconstruction project. The brown trout were eventually brought in to fill the gap, and Mojave River is back online but it takes a while for it to get back to having a solid inventory of stockable rainbows. Until then, Silverwood trouters can enjoy a rare treat with these stocked browns.

Another familiar face at the lake, Rancho Cucamonga angler Tanner Finn was targeting big striped bass when a solid largemouth came up and inhaled the Lunker Punker he was firing from shore early in the morning. Finn also cracked into the latest report from the lake with 10 stripers including a 5 pounder that ate sardines near the dam.

WELL TIMED — Hemet angler Joaquin Rodriguez didn’t know trout were planted the day before he arrived at Silverwood Lake, but the Mountain Top Anglers memberdidn’t complain when he quickly limited on browns using a variety of jigs near the launch ramp.

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