Southern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Bigger rainbows showing at Lake Skinner

BY BRADLEY SCHWEIT/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jan 16, 2013

WINCHESTER — Most trout plucked from Lake Skinner tend to be of the “stocker” size; anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds. However, there were at least a few bigger specimens reported this past week.

“The trout are all around Ramp 2, slightly east or west,” noted Lake Skinner Manager Candy Grajczyk, “hitting red or brown Power Trout Worms and also yellow Mice Tails.”

ALABAMA BITER — Oscar Vargas of Temecula used an umbrella rig (Alabama rig) at Lake Skinner’s south shore to nail this 17.5-pound striper.

Casey Whitley of Riverside had a 5-pound rainbow using a Power Trout Worm around Ramp 2. Jason Allen of Victorville used a yellow Mice Tail at Ramp 1 for a 4 pounder.

“Striper action has been on the light side,” Grajczyk added, “ with a few fish showing on trolled plastics, swimbaits or stick baits (clear, silver or white).”

Tony Miller of Temecula managed an 8-pound striper on a swimbait fished at the inlet.

Other species have only been making occasional appearances, with the bluegill and catfish in deep water and the lake’s largemouth seemingly not interested in angler offerings. The next trout plant is slated to arrive this Friday, Jan 18. 

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