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Orange County fleet loops scorpion fish

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 07, 2017

Dana Wharf to run Gundy Gunderson benefit 3⁄4-day

DANA POINT — Mark your calendar; Friday Feb. 24 is the date set for Dana Wharf Sport­fishing’s Gundy Gunderson benefit 3⁄4-day trip. Longtime WON writer and outdoorsman David “Gundy” Gunderson recently lost everything he had in a fire which destroyed his home.

tylerkowalskiTYLER KOWALSKI OF San Clemente was aboard the Sum Fun Saturday, making quick work of filling his 5-fish sculpin bag limit.

Sculpin (California scorpionfish) fishing continued to be as good as any can remember, with limit scores coming quickly for 3⁄4-day anglers aboard the Sum Fun. Deeper waters down the coast provided the fast action. The spiny critters fell for dropper looped squid strips, but anglers fishing the Shimano Lucanus jigs and Coltsniper jigs caught plenty, too.

Capt. Brian Woolley said it took a 6- to 12-ounce torpedo to drag dropper loops down to the bite. The fish have been coughing up gobs of red crabs still, in addition to “mega-schools of fin-bait” being seen in the area. He recommended anglers fish lighter gear, 40- or 50-pound braid.

The halibut bite continued to kick out numbers of larger flatfish. Woolley said, “Heart breaker on Friday too — big fish shook the hook almost at the boat — crew said it looked to be in the high 30s to almost 40… could have supplanted the leader!”

Over at Davey’s Locker Sport­fishing, it was Enrique who picked up the phone just prior to kick-off. For their boats, too, dropper-looping the scullies has been most productive. Fishing trips booked out of their Newport Landing office and docks mostly, with the Thunderbird the only Davey’s docks based rig making a run, a 3⁄4-day Saturday, where 46 folks fin-clipped 131 red devils, 54 blacksmith and 105 dabs.

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