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San Clemente Island cods snap

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 07, 2018

DANA POINT — The Fury was back on the run and had some great bottom fishing over at San Clemente Island. The overnight trips posted limits of rockfish with tones of ocean whitefish on top, building some hefty sacks of fish.

Running with just 14 on Thursday and 15 anglers Saturday, they put on close to 20-fish full sack limits each time, with from 75 to 100 ocean whitefish over the top of rockfish limits.

caydenofdanapointCAYDEN ZEUTENHORST OF Dana Point got into some of San Clemente Island's great bottom fishing Sunday aboard the Fury out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing.

Local waters were pretty cool on top, reported Capt. Brian Woolley on Sunday evening. Poor surface conditions pretty much put the nix on bass fishing and 1/2-day anglers had to be content with a few bottom biters in the bags.

Those opting for 3/4-day took the deep way down. Woolley advised, "I’d say 10-ounce sinkers on a 300-400 sized reel fished on an 8-foot rod with 65 braid would be a good call if you’re riding with us this week." He noted, "The guys fishing that stuff this week had some good days out deep. Nice reds, grouper and coppers - plenty of other mixed rockfish but those were the stand-out fish."

At Davey's Locker Sportfishing, both the Western Pride on half-day and Freelance on 3/4-day stayed busy. Catches consisted mostly of big numbers of sculpin, ocean whitefish and rockfish this past weekend. The Freelance pulled in with 71 anglers Sunday. They had sacked 254 scullies, 123 mixed rockfish and 112 ocean whitefish.

Angler Marc Imgram fished the Thunderbird on an overnighter to San Clemente Island, getting the morning in south of the island and scoring quality reds before the Navy closed the area and sent them looking elsewhere. From there they moved to the front side. There, they finished off limits of cods in "shirtsleeves" weather. In addition to limits of rockfish for 24, or 240, they added 120 sheephead and 120 ocean whitefish for full limits for all.

At Newport Landing, the local bite was best for ocean whitefish and rockfish. Friday the Patriot fished 1/2-day with 18 anglers, landing 4 keeper sand bass, 53 reds and 125 ocean whitefish, plus a few other bottom biter types. Sunday saw the Freelance fishing with the Pedro/Long Beach local boats out on the 150 to SE Bank zone.

thunderbirddeckhandTHUNDERBIRD DECKHAND "Scuba Steve" has the hook in this lucky angler's San Clemente Island ling, a hitch hiker on a hooked rockfish.

THIS NICE PAIR of San Clemente Island lings added to limits of rockfish on the Fury.

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