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Dana Point: Coastal calico action hot

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jul 09, 2019

DANA POINT/NEWPORT — While warming waters sent the bass bite ballistic along the coast, the big surprise was a monster 41-pound yellowtail aboard the Sum Fun on the 4th. The big jack bit the surface iron for Andrew Lasarge.

The crew of the Fury claimed big fish honors nevertheless, besting the mossback with an 80-pound bluefin tuna. It fell for a Flat-Fall.

SAW IT, SAILED IT — Andrew LaSarge nailed this 41-pound coastal mossback on the surface iron, aboard the Sum Fun.

“Along with the live bait, the surface iron, rubber and hard jerkbaits all had a time and place this week — also starting to see some yellowtail filter in along the coast. Current and clean water has been the key...” reported Capt. Brian Woolley for Dana Wharf Sportfishing.

Catalina Island was the destination for that landing’s 5-to-5 all-day run. Along with good bass action, barracuda and bonito filtered in as well while fishing the backside of that island.

Along the front lots of yellowtail were to be seen and caught. The grade continued to be 12 to 24 pounders mostly.

The Fury fished a trip offshore looking for bluefin tuna, landing 6, all on the Flat-Fall.

Looking farther up-coast the fleet out of Newport Bay continued to find ample sculpin along with other bottom biters on tap in local waters, very near full limits on some trips. Yet, others saw the focus shift toward the building surface bite — calico bass and sand bass too.

The Western Pride and Aggressor were on that bite, the Aggressor reporting 14 anglers nabbing over 150 and releasing most. About 30 kept.

Fishing Catalina Island was the Freelance and Patriot on their 3⁄4-day runs. Monday the 25 aboard the Patriot sacked 56 keeper calico and 9 yellows to go with a pair of barracuda and a bonito. Out at that island ocean whitefish made up most of the plan B bite and Saturday saw Freelance anglers sack 122 of the tilefish.

The Thunderbird reported in with a plan B bonanza out at some small island — 200 rockfish, 20 sheephead and 15 whitefish. Some 40 keeper calico and a lone landed yellowtail set the surface action pace.

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