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Local U.S. waters dorado limits for Boardroom

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Sep 19, 2018

DANA POINT/NEWPORT — Early this past week the Boardroom and other boats found the kelp paddy of all kelp paddies, holding literally hundreds of dorado. The charter boat Boardroom with just 4 anglers fishing flat limited out, catching 40 flatheads before throwing in the towel.

MIKE RUIZ AND Sum Fun deckhand Jake Singer and pure gold on the gaff. The Sum Fun had a record local dorado bite, boating 93 one day.

Over 200 of the colorful leapers were landed by the Dana Wharf fleet and Capt. Brian Woolley filed the following.

"I’m gonna tell ya that Monday was probably the best day of local dorado fishing I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever locally. On my 5-5 charter we ended our fishing on Monday around 1:30 p.m... had no place to put more... and when the dust settled we had 93 dorado on the Sum Fun. No doubt in my mind we could have kept going as we handed the kelp off to the O'side guys and they got fixed up on it too. One kelp kicked out so many of those spazzy green fish it was mind boggling.

The Boardroom had a hit for 40, limits for his 4 anglers, the Helena had over 50 fish for his group that day too. The signal remained good throughout the week too. There were a couple slower days, actually normal would be a better phrase, where our fleet caught 13 one day, 27 another day... still solid numbers but those Monday scores jaded the reality of the deal. We found a kelp in the zone yesterday that had a school of easy 80 fish but, be it the week-long pressure on the fish, the wind, or who knows, we couldn’t get a bite. The fly-lined sardines and mackerel were the way to go. 20- to 25-pound line on an 8-foot rod with a 400 sized reel was ideal. Easy to cast a bait and the lighter line got the bites."

All that offshore style action happened just 6 miles off the coastline.

As far as the local bass bite went, the spawn was gone and full-on silliness had ended. However, "The guys that can fly-line a bait away from the boat are still catching some nice quality bass on our 1/2- and 3/4-day trips," added Woolley.

Late week outer waters winds became an issue for the Fury, but they did manage to mix it up with a few bluefin tuna and yellows to go with bass, barracuda and some bottom stuff.

Out of Davey's Locker Sportfishing in Newport the Western Pride found the best bet locally to include a hefty helping of rockfish. But there was more, and Friday they ran into the barracuda, rescuing 36 from the varmints on top of the 231 rockfish the 55, 1/2-day anglers landed.

Fishing Catalina Island on 3/4-day trips the Freelance boasted some decent bonito action along with bottom stuff and at least a shot at yellowtail each trip, with 5 to 9 fish landed each day.

Although the action had tapered by the weekend, the Thunderbird got the big bluefin again. Wednesday Capt. Markland posted, "What a trip. Overnight with a full boat. We landed 19 bluefin tuna today. Grade of fish was 9, 40-65, 8, 85-110, and 2 cows at 208, and 211 (pounds). We then made a long move and picked away at good grade yellowtail and landed 16 fish."

The local trips out of Newport Landing featured a healthy helping of rockfish with the Nautilus scoring 260 reds for 41 folks one 1/2-day.

DECK LITTERED WITH bluefin waiting to go into the hold aboard the Thunderbird this past Wednesday. The catch included two over 200 pounds.

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