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Long Range Report: Boat decks five fish over 200-pounds and two fish over 300

By GUNDY GUNDERSON/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 19, 2017

Royal Polaris has banner day

SAN DIEGO — The report from the Royal Polaris read “Easter Bunny Delivers.” There is probably no better way to describe a day that saw an insane kite bite that had 200 pounders fighting for a bait as if you were tossing pellets in a koi pond. When the dust settled on the memorable show, seven cows hit the deck with two of the fish over 300- pounds. The trip ended with over a dozen cows in the hold and traditional Royal Polaris showers all around for personal bests. With most of the cow season in the rear view, the bite seems to be getting better and better. By the way, the wahoo fishing was off the hook good too.

RP goes big

After a fast start to the 2017 Nakaki Charter, landing 5 cows right off the bat, the Royal Polaris settled into a dance with the sharks losing most of the larger fish to the voracious thieves. After a few days of frustration and smaller class fish, things began to turn back around. The boat, with veteran skipper Roy Rose at the wheel filed this report: “We had a fun morning with good bait fishing and very good action on the kite. The sharks allowed a few more fish through the gauntlet today, but unfortunately no big ones made it through. We had surprisingly good wahoo fishing with the assistance of a little pink duct tape. It all started with someone putting a little piece of bright pink tape on the hook and catching a couple in a row. Next thing you know it, 3-4 more hooks have pink ribbons and more success.”

The following day, better sign, as the boat sent this update: “Things are picking up, as the sharks let a few of the nicer fish through today. Kevin Crow started out with a nice 164-pound yellowfin tuna, followed by a number of 100-pound tuna, and a bunch of 50- to 80-pound fish for our group. While we didn’t have the shark issue, the bigger fish hooked found their freedom in the rocks. We continue to have good wahoo fishing, both on the anchor and troll with a few nice sized fish.”

Another day, more improvement: “We had a very good day of fishing as the tuna continue to get bigger and the sharks backed down to next to nothing. Wahoo fishing continues to be good with many of the fish in the 40 to 50-pound range. The larger yellowfin seem to be moving in as the average tuna was closer to 100 pounds. One lucky standout fish today was caught on the kite by Mike Hieshima at 213 pounds.”

On Easter Sunday, the boat began the day uneventfully. “We arrived in the dark to the spot of our large fish yesterday. Immediately, we started hooking fish, but they were the smaller variety with most 40 to 50 pounds and a couple in the low 100s. The bite stopped as the sun came up as we sat there wondering if we would get anything of size in the next 6 hours, the last of the trip. The kite was getting ’hooed and there were no signs of bigger fish. We were starting to think about the content of this report being how much fun we had despite the tough fishing conditions. Right then, the Easter Bunny delivered in a big way, things changed quickly and the kite started getting smashed.”

When the smoke cleared, the boat sent this report: “Dave “Clicker” Edgar got the first nice one at 222 pounds. Next up, a couple huge boils on flyers and John Yamate had one of the coolest blowouts for a 306. Next up, Jonathon Hodes was boiled on. Thirty minutes later, John had a 226. Richard “Big Fish” Losey was next, landing a 212. Mike Hieshima stuck a dandy 274, then Stan “The Cowman” Cowan landed a 226, which was our 6th fish over 200 pounds this morning. Last up, Uncle Vince Corbacci landed the biggest fish of the trip — a 326-pound super cow that fought off several other cows to take the kite bait. Spectacular!”

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