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Long Range Report: 8-day trips sparkle

BY GUNDY GUNDERSON/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jun 12, 2018

Indy lands 61-pound mossback at the Rocks; Rooster decks 290-pound yellowfin

SAN DIEGO — The playbook for the 8-day trips so prevalent in the spring has been shaping up nicely. Fish bluefin on the way down to the Alijos Rocks. Catch big spring yellowtail at the rocks with some grouper mixed in. Burn rubber back up the line and take another swing at the bluefin. On those bluefin grounds, skippers across the fleet are seeing a large volume of the hard fighting tunas. Meanwhile, the last of the few cow trips remaining returned home with a nice catch of trophy yellowfin tuna.

Rooster returns

anotherjpwinnerrrANOTHER JACKPOT WINNER (290-pounds) for iconic long ranger Bob Michener caught on the Red Rooster.

JESSE BAKER WITH a 248 aboard the Rooster.

COW ON THE TROLL, a 208 taken on a Nomad Lure dragged behind the Rooster.

The Red Rooster III was on their last cow trip of the campaign, the annual Accurate sponsored “June Heat” 15-day. The anglers found good fishing on several different sized schools of yellowfin tuna. Capt. Andy Cates was at the wheel and sent this initial report, "First day we caught a dozen fish with the biggest fish on the troll on our way in here. Bobby Michener had a 208 on a Nomad Lure. Joe Armitsu won the daily Accurate jackpot with a 190 on the fly-lined sardine. We will see how it goes tomorrow morning and try and get some flyers tonight."

A few more days pass and another report, "Over the weekend we had slow fishing at the Bank. A few nice fish up to 160 pounds on various techniques. The weather is nice and the people are getting a LOT of rail time. No cows over the weekend but enough to keep the people interested whether it be a wahoo or smaller grade fish."

As the trip wound down, the group plunked away at the tuna and put a nice catch in the hold. The final jackpot results were as follows, 1st place jackpot went to Bob Michener with a 290-pound yellowfin tuna, 2nd place went to Jesse Baker with a 248-pound yellowfin tuna and 3rd place went to David Greeno with a 210-pound yellowfin tuna. Bob Michener also won the trolling Jackpot with a 208-pound yellowfin.

Indy returns

The Independence was on the annual Dick Shaffer sponsored 8-day trip. The trip began with a swing through the bluefin grounds. The boat arrived at Alijos Rocks in fine weather. Veteran Capt. Jeff De Buys was driving the boat and phoned in this report, “The weather is as good as it gets and the fishing is even better. The guys were yanking and cranking on beautiful grade 18- to 35-pound Alijos Rocks yellowtail throughout the day. At different times of the day they would connect with some of the larger models 40 to 50 pounders. Several of the guys would get their personal best. We will try for some bait tonight and give it another shot tomorrow.”

The following day, the mossbacks bit again, “Another great day of quality yellowtail fishing. We have limits and are heading up the line to try for some more bluefin tuna before calling it a trip. Weather is great and needless to say the folks are in excellent spirits.”

Another day on the bluefin and a last report, “We had excellent fishing on 25- to 35-pound bluefin tuna this morning. We only had until noon to fish and made the most of it. Lots of schools around with some biting and some not. We just kept going from school to school until we found the one that wants to bite. Sounds like we are in for some excellent tuna fishing in the trips ahead.”

The skipper continued, “The jackpot winners were as follows, Lloyd Doyle was 1st with a 61-pound yellowtail, David Thomas was 2 nd with a 48-pound yellowtail and Matt Tracy 3rd with a 46-pound yellowtail. Sorry for the lack of pictures, we hope to resolve the issue soon.”

RP back

surfaceirongromrpSURFACE IRON GROM with a fine yellowtail aboard the RP.

After a hiatus in the yard, the mighty Royal Polaris was back on the high seas. The boat left this message, “We departed Fisherman’s landing at 09:00 hours. After 6 weeks of maintenance and lots of improvements, it’s time to do what we do best, and that is fishing. We arrived to our first destination right around lunch time. It didn’t take long for us to get on the fish. Most of the yellowtail were in the 10- to 12- pound range, with a few larger.”

bluefinmetermarkBLUEFIN METER MARK. This is the volume captains are marking.

* * *

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