Southern CA Long Range Fishing Report
Published: Feb 02, 2012

Long Range Fishing Update: On the Way

A phone call from Lori Patella this morning reminded Bill Roecker that the next round of incoming long rangers is about to begin. Today, Feb. 2, the American Angler will dock at Pt. Loma Sportfishing with a wonderful catch of cow tuna, including three super cows, noted Lori. This last round of trips has been excellent, and the catches aboard the boats are worth seeing. Come on down!

Still Going Strong

“Conditions changed on us here,” said Excel skipper Justin Fleck, Jan. 31, “but fishing was still good. Only one cow hit the deck, caught by Mike Jennings on a chunk. His fish went 225 pounds and is his personal best. Mid-grade tuna from 60 to 120 pounds were still plentiful and most of these guys are releasing their fish, still trying for that big one. We are now in the final RSW well with two more days to fish. Hopefully, we use up the remaining space for big ‘uns.”

American Angler is on the way home with a great catch, one that will be matched by the other boats now fishing. The AA will be in Thursday morning, with the Red Rooster III coming the next day and the Royal Star the day after. Excel and Royal Polaris look to be arriving next Monday. There are many big tuna on all the boats with at least a couple of supercows among them.

Chunker Heaven

“And just like that, they were gone,” noted Tim Ekstrom aboard his Royal Star Jan. 30. “Virtually zero sign of jumbos today, despite continued fantastic action on 70 to 120-pound yellowfin, with a few standouts in the 160 to 185-pound class. We did have one shot at a giant early, but to our chagrin the brief skirmish ended with a bare hook coming back trailing only a small piece of skin. At least the skulking beast now has a pierced lip to remember us by.

“Focusing on the positive, however, all enjoyed the final full day of fishing logging in time at the rail, enjoying primo weather, and pulling with remarkable consistency on spirited tunas. In particular, the chunk fishermen were absolutely slaying the fish, by far the best chunk fishing I have ever seen, remaining steady on the big gear throughout the day. There were numerous times during the day when of the three or four fish that were hooked all were enticed with the chunk. And it has been this way for the past three days. For whatever reason all sizes of the fish around here appear to be keyed into to that type of feed; we'll take it.

“With the final morning looming the stakes are gargantuan for a strong finish. With plenty of energy in reserve we are ready and willing to take everything they are willing to yield, and then some.”

Hacking Them Off

“We spent yesterday's morning bite cutting off everything we hooked,” wrote skipper John Grabowski on the Red Rooster III Jan. 29, “looking for two more good ones that we could fit in our last fish hold. Hector Lopez and Bob Michener had the best two fish and that’s the ones we took to finish off the tuna portion of our trip.

I must mention and highly commend the sportsmanship of Bill House, he cut off a 230-pound fish yesterday morning due to the fact he already had two good ones in the hold, leaving room for someone else to have the opportunity to put a duce or better aboard.

We spent the rest of the day targeting a few more wahoo and at dark started heading up the line to take advantage of a weather window right now that is just perfect.

Flat calm seas traveling north this morning makes our decision to leave the grounds seem to be a good one. We have some time and are gearing up to fish Cedros Island on the way home for a few yellowtail to fill in the cracks between the fish on board. We will continue to report our days activities and results as we work our way back to San Diego.

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