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Long Range Fishing Update

Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 07, 2012

Nov. 6

A Nice Pick


“After the last few days of fishing for big ones, it was time to get back to work on getting everybody in on the action, and today somehow we managed to do just that," reports from the American Angler. This morning we had a nice pick on 25 to 40-pound tuna with a few bigger as seen in the photo of the day with Capt. Ray & Dennis, and this afternoon we had a late bite on the 15 to 25-pound tuna to finish up the day.

“We are still rolling up the line and we’ll just see what happens tomorrow.”

Steady Pick


Excel reporting in: “We had a better day today down here on the big fish grounds. The Merritt group picked off 18 more tuna up to just over 250 pounds. The bite started a little earlier today and we kept one hanging most of the day. The big fish today was caught by Bill Siddall on the kite. Bill’s fish taped out at 252 pounds. Gail Wade Adams also picked one up right around the 200 pound mark on the kite as well. Most of the fish today were in the 110 to 180-pound range and everything in between. What a privilege it is to have an opportunity for a cow on these fall ten-day trips. What an amazing fish!”

Decent Start

“Good evening from the Independence, today was our first day of fishing and we had great fishing on 14 to 25-pound yellowfin tuna, the day was capped by a wide open sundowner where the fish bit well into the dark of night, until we had our fill. The weather is just gorgeous, flat seas and very comfortable temps. Tomorrow the plan is to target bigger tuna and hopefully some wahoo. Thanks for checking in, the Indy guys.”

That may not be a record, but it’s remarkable.

Net Update provided by Bill Roecker for and San Diego Sportfishing Council.

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