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Maintenance for most, but some fishing, too

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 07, 2017

LOS ANGELES — While landing fleets were almost entirely in maintenance mode, a few local trips made regular runs.

At 22nd Street Landing, Alex Berlin said the Monte Carlo continued to make 1⁄2-day runs regularly. There the target was primarily sand bass and calico, with sculpin filling in some too. For those anglers participating, fishing was mostly in 60- to 100-foot depths. Terminal tackle consisted of leadhead and squid, with a 2 and 1⁄2-ounce egg sinker above it.

DAVE KIEL’S DOUBLE-DIGIT flatfish was the smaller of two for him last week, topped by a 22.75 pounder.

The Monte’ ran 10-a.m. halves weekdays, with a Friday evening twilight trip and double halves on weekends, weather permitting. Pursuit was back in the water, still in maintenance mode, while work in the yard had begun aboard the Freedom. Hopes were for the first weekend of March, back on line.

Just up the road at L.A. Marina Sportfishing, it was Maria Mendoza who provided info. The Sport King was in maintenance mode, and no runs were scheduled until March 1.

Over at Pierpoint Landing, Federico Sanchez said both the Victory and Southern Cal were doing seasonal boat work, or trying too between wet weather. In the interim the City of Long Beach ran 1⁄2-days from their docks. Saturday their 34 anglers fishing the morning run sacked over 100 scullies.

In the meantime, all was quiet over at Long Beach Marina Sportfishing in Los Alamitos Bay.

Steve Fukuto provided a full report for Long Beach Sportfishing. Not only did the Ahra Ahn continue to whack and stack sanddabs by thousands, but their Pot-O-Gold halibut derby put up another few flatfish on their leader board, with the Black Pearl making the run and doing double duty as the Catalina Island lobster hooper.

betterbuggingBETTER BUGGING PRODUCED 20 to 40 legals per trip aboard the Triton out of LA Harbor Sportfishing last week. Here, Austin shows off a nice pair on the Sav-On Tackle sponsored, full swag excursion Friday night, part of his 7-bug limit!

He wrote in, “Sand dab fishing continues on the Ahra-Ahn. They had a spectacular day fishing on Saturday under mostly overcast cloud cover, little to no wind. The ocean current drifted the boat at just the right speed to attract those sand dabs, to the delight of the anglers. The sand dab rig made by Leadmasters, along with a 2-pound sinker was the recommended setup. The final count for the day was around 3,000 little flatties for 19 anglers.”

Humorously he adds, “Sadly, the deckhands could not determine a jackpot fish for the day.” The Ahra-Ahn was slated for sand dabs trips departing 9 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“Week two of the POT-O-GOLD Halibut Derby is in the books” Continued Fukuto. Captain Frank Garibay and crew of the Black Pearl reported lots of short-bites, causing frustration among the competitive anglers. Saturday’s trip yielded 2 legal qualifiers.

Jong Woo of West Covina landed a 12.65 pounder and Dave Kiel of Granada Hills landed his second halibut for the derby, coming in at 10.2 pounds. Sunday seemed to be the lucky day. Again, Captain Frank put the anglers on the spot, scoring five legals.

The heaviest was Dave Kiel’s 22.75 pounder. This is his third and heaviest fish. He is chasing Jon Harris who has qualified with a 39.80 pounder with six weeks left in the derby. More information can be found at

The Pearl had lobster trips scheduled Friday and Saturday nights.

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