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Truline hammers yellows on the juice

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 13, 2018

LOS ANGELES — Capt. Gump aboard the Truline (22nd Street Landing Sportfishing) said they tanked up on live squid during the night and were fishing rockfish when the bite started. "We started in the morning drifting for rockfish. We hooked one on a strip of squid. Then we hooked another one on a yo-yo, started marking some fish, so... we just started chumming and we just had to keep the live squid flying. We had about a 3-hour bite, two drifts about 1 and 1/2 hours each time and picked up about 25- and 20-something the next drift, it was good," said Gump.

He noted they had picked off a fish on an earlier trip but didn't have the live in the tank. Other boats fishing the outer island zone had been picking off a few from time to time too.

steveduncanbugmanSTEVE DUNCAN "BUGMAN" with a nice pair of fork tails aboard the Eldorado.

The first report of game fish in the area came from the Eldorado via those manning the Long Beach Sportfishing booth at the Fred Hall show.

Capt. Gump said they really only lost maybe a half dozen fish due to break offs, out in the open water zone. They have a few 9 p.m. departure open party trips on line in coming days. The bulk of their fish bit live squid on sliding sinker rigs, just 1/2- to 3/4-ounce sinkers.

Aboard the Native Sun, also out of 22nd Street, Capt. Aaron Graham provided the scoop on the local waters bite where some epic numbers were posted this past week, close to limits on the rockfish and hundreds of ocean whitefish.

He said there was a lot of red crabs again, and anchovies in local waters. He said, "anything less than 250 feet is now invaded, polluted with ocean whitefish." There was a lot of action, just not a lot of big fish. He had to work hard to find bigger fish, reds and such. A lot of ocean whitefish are being released because there were large numbers of smaller ones mixed in.

Graham added they'd done quit a bit of work to the boat over the winter, adding galley seating and sliding windows to increase ventilation and keep the galley cool on warm days.

The bite at Catalina Island kicked out some quality bottom fish for the Pursuit. Both boats are running daily.

Just up the way at L.A. Waterfront the Gale Force, Triton and Capt. Bruce Root's Sport King were on line, fishing noon to midnight hoop net combo trips on the Triton and 3/4-day on the Sport King. Trips ran very light, lots of elbow room for sure. Catches were excellent as well. With just 6 anglers aboard they sacked 42 reds and 30 whitefish plus 16 others.

SAN NICOLAS ISLAND quality shallow water bottom biters (Eldorado).

At Pierpoint Landing the City of Long Beach 1/2-day and Enterprise 3/4-day ran steadily throughout the week, also finding lots of rockfish and huge numbers of ocean whitefish locally. The Toronado was in boat work mode.

Long Beach Sportfishing's Steve Phelps had a full report. “What an excellent week for us at LBSF. We had a fun, successful Fred Hall Show, and great fishing!" he began.

He continued, "On the local scene, the 3/4-day boat boat Victory has been doing their thing, and consistently producing quality bottom fish for their anglers. On Tuesday, 18 anglers scored 51 rockfish, 31 vermilion rockfish, 75 salmon grouper, 3 sculpin, 12 big sheephead, and 110 of the larger variety whitefish. Best rigs this week have been either a single or double dropper loop, a 6- to 8-ounce torpedo sinker, no. 1 to 1/0 hooks (drop down to a no.4 for the whitefish), and fresh strips of squid."

With respect to the outer island bite Phelps reported, "On the overnight scene, even with the rain we had, the weather out at San Nic. has been absolutely beautiful, with flat calm seas, and a nice light breeze. They have been jugging the tanks with live squid, and have been producing excellent quality bottom fish with it, along with yellowtail in the 15-pound range.”

On Sunday, the Eldorado returned to the dock with 291 rockfish, 32 vermillion rockfish, 6 lingcod, 165 whitefish, 132 sheephead, and 7 yellowtail! Captain Tommy Lee told me, “Today was the best fishing for quality fish that I have ever seen,” also mentioning that they had many, many 'gaffers' sheephead and whitefish, with a lot of those sheephead and whitefish pushing 10 pounds plus!

The hot ticket on these trips were 25-pound mono, 3/4-ounce banana heads, with a live squid pinned on. Another producer was a 3/4-ounce slider, with a 2/0 to 5/0 hook, also with a live squid. They are online nightly departing at 9 p.m. fishing San Nicolas Island."

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