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Good weather turns great

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 14, 2017

OXNARD — Outer islands weather started out fishable but challenging, and transitioned to flat awesome through the week, as offshore conditions flirted with weakening afternoon onshore flow.

james24poundJAMES' 24-POUND outer island flatfish on the Amigo out of Ventura Sportfishing.

Ventura Sportfishing's Ed Guyette said, "This week is ending good again. The Island Spirit has had limits of rockfish. The Amigo has had limits of rockfish and lingcod, and a nice 24-pound halibut. ThePacific Dawn has had limits of rockfish and lingcod. The Pacific Eagle had limits of rock fish and some other fish in the mix, so all in all, a great week at out inner islands and outer islands."

At Hook's Landing, Mavette Carlson announced all three boats would be ready to rock for the weekend.

Both inner island, coastal and outer island fishing produced some big numbers, but the quality fish came from the farther reaches out at Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands according to Mike Thompson at Channel Islands Sportfishing.

Thompson reported, "Most of the Lingcod in our counts are also coming from the outer islands but there have been a hand full caught on the local grounds. This week we also caught our fist yellowtail on the season. It was caught at Santa Cruz Island on one of our full-day boats while they were targeting shallow water rockfish. There have also been a couple ones that got away that were reported to be yellowtail. So, apparently there are some game fish around but they are big and difficult to land unless you are geared for it. The one yellow we did land was 35 pounds."

brandonsheehyofBRANDON SHEEHEY OF Redondo Beach did it old-school with what looks like a vintage Sabre Stroker and Penn 501. He got surprised by this 35-pound bruiser yellow while targeting rockfish with a double dropper rig at Santa Cruz Island aboard the Sea Jay.

Joe Villareal, owner of the Mirage said there has been a little live squid to jig, mostly during daylight hours at several of the usual squid zones. Nighttime squidding was ineffective though, due to sealions attacking the juice as soon as it started to gather under the lights.

Despite chilly waters at the typically cooler zones, near 55 degrees, as far west as the back-side of Santa Rosa Island temps touched near 60. Some big yellows were already being targeted up there after Capt. Tucker McCoombs' Outrider score the previous week.

Anglers may notice, while good, ling scores have been slightly down from last fall, and in a large part that was due to rockfish being much more eager than last year, coupled with the 2-fish bag limit. It just hasn't been possible to fish lings as long before limiting on rockfish, recently.

MANUEL LEAMOS OF Grover Beach and his 22-pound ling with Ventura Sportfishing.

acesfirstfishACE'S FIRST FIRST ever, aboard the Coroloma where his mom cooks at Hook's Sportfishing.

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