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Gold Coast ground zero

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Dec 13, 2017

OXNARD — The Gold Coast was indeed ground zero this week, as the biggest wildfire in the state in years hit and spread across two counties. Santa Ana winds whistled out of every pass, coastal valley and canyon at gale force. Yet, there were moments of calm, even along this coast and the outer islands stayed out of the line of fire, so to speak.

Overnight boats had it best, running down wind before blow time and back home after each evening. Out at Santa Rosa and San Miguel, and even places along the north side of Santa Cruz, there was calm and opportunity.

BEN PACE AND his goat aboard the Island Spirit, Ventura — it was a solid 12 pounder.

In fact, CISCO's Asst. Mgr. Mike Thompson began his weekly report like this, "Due to the Thomas Fire that swept through Ventura County this week, our fishing boats didn't see much action."

Many of their anglers and crew had homes in Ventura and Ojai Valleys, and were taken from the water to deal with the disaster one way or another. Just as this writer is working now, post-evacuation.

"Everyone was effected in one way or another by the fires this week, Thompson said. “Either by the smoke and ash that blanketed the entire area like a thick fog, or the city-wide power outages. Or the stress and mental anguish we all went through thinking of friends and loved ones in the danger zone. Hopefully the winds will die soon and the fires will be put out. We look forward to getting back to normal and worrying about the little things, like catching fish!"

Nevertheless, their fleet did get out on the water some, taking charters and such. On Saturday the Pacific Islander made the outer island run and 28 fishers bagged limits of rockfish, 56 lings, and they kept as many whitefish as allowed under the 20-fish maximum, while 219 razorgills were in their total for the day as well.

HUSTLING LINGS — Brian Hardt and Jordan teamed up aboard the New Hustler to land 22- and 21-pound lings.

The Gentleman 3/4-day made it off the dock Friday for rockfish limits, as Capt. Donny Rowell watched his favorite quail spot turned to ashes in the distance. But it will be back better than ever.

At Ventura Sportfishing, Robert Meyer said, "The week has been slow due to the Thomas Fire. The Pacific Eagle hasn't been out all week. The Island Spirit has been out a few times, getting limits of rockfish. The Amigo has been out with bag limits most days. The Pacific Dawn has been chartered and had limits both days."

The landing's WON Whoppers of the Week were Castulo Montano's 22-pound ling on the Amigo and Ben Pace's 12-pound sheephead aboard the Island Spirit.

At Captain Hook's Landing, Mavette turned in whoppers for the New Hustler, a 22-pound ling caught by Brian Hardt and a 29-pound yellowtail on the Outrider.

IT'S A MIRAGE 20-pound ling for Jose Carranza.

* * *

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