Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 18, 2013

Humboldt squid from San Diego to Dana Point give landings from San Diego Bay to Newport Beach a solid winter option

SAN DIEGO — They have invaded water from Dana Point to the Nine Mile Bank, squirting anglers in the face, blackening everything and creating all out warfare that has taken landings from the doldrums to carrying boatloads of people who can turn into squiders, if just for a night, by jumping on a twilights squid trips from Point Loma to Newport Beach.

The counts have been huge, but the numbers don’t matter: it’s been all-you-want on the squid that have been ranging from 3 to 15 pounds this time around.

It’s been several years since the winter squid showed, and anglers and those who just simply read about or saw it on TV have been jumping on the trips, with huge passenger loads and multiple runs going out of many landings. Dana Wharf boats were the first to get on the squid below Dana Point, and Newport boats have been coming down to fish the Dana Point squid, while Oceanside boats have had their own squid flower garden a few miles west of the harbor, while for San Diego boats the squid have been everywhere, especially on that little knuckle above the Nine Mile Bank called the 178 on maps.

Seaforth Sportfishing had the New Seaforth score 1100 squid Thursday night with 89 passengers. Like most squid trips, they start biting deep, a few hundred feet down, and by night’s end they are up shooting around in the lights. Unlike fishing, squiding benefits from heavy passenger loads, as more anglers fishing helps bring the squid up shallower, as squid follow the hooked squid up.

Heavy squid jigs and a reel filled with heavy monofilament (like 40 pound on up) or Spectra has been the way to go on the squid, which involve zero technical style to catch.

All the San Diego Landings are offering trips, from Seaforth to the Big Three (H&M Landing, Point Loma Sportfishing and even Fisherman’s Landing).

Helgren’s had some huge trips on the squid, and Captain Greg Obymako said it’s been wide open every trip, every night. Over 1000 were caught Saturday, when the Electra put 600 on the deck and the Sea Trek counted up 401.

Dana Wharf has gotten as many as three boats out a night; the squid have been right in front of the harbor, and down off San Mateo and San Onofre. The Dana Pride used its big platform to take 87 anglers to 999 squid on the big trips for the week. From over 300 to 500 squid per trip has been standard.

Davey’s Locker posted 700 squid for 69 anglers on Saturday. While the Western Pride had 1200 for 71 anglers.

The real question isn’t where the squid came from, but are people actually counting each and every squid?

There’s even been some daytime squid in the counts for Dana Wharf and Newport boats. The furthest north squid popped up during the daytime off Newport on Sunday.

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