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Rockfish / bluefin combos on tap

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 07, 2018

SAN DIEGO — Gorgeous glassy weather was on tap all week as local waters warmed and 1.5-day excursions found full-speed reds, limited early and headed offshore. Once there, they connected with bluefin tuna!

While the Pacific Queen added 2 more bluefin than one might expect for February, adding them to full limits of reds for their 20 folks, the New Lo-An crew got the lucky blind jig strike.

JOHN HO MADE this local catch aboard the Dolphin. Photo credit by Jon Ho

The stop resulted in 25 tuna to go with the rockfish and lingcod catch already tucked into the hold. At Point Loma Sportfishing, the Vagabond was up next with open party openings to fish Colonet on a 1.5-dayer. Following that trip, the Dominator was next in line.

Over at H&M, the Old Glory had the Colonet schedule, while the Mustang was slated to try offshore waters.

Over at Seaforth Sportfishing, the Tribute was Baja bound on the 1.5-day run, while the San Diego found plenty of rockfish down toward the Coronado Islands on its 3/4-day trips.

Those who fished 1/2-day trips this past week found the sand bass bite consistent, but picky for the most part. However, early in the week the Dolphin had connected with limits of sandies for 19, or scores hovered near one per rod on bass species, with similar sculpin scores.

The Fisherman III out of H&M ran the extended 1/2-day to fish the lower 9-Mile deep water. These trips filled the sacks with near-limit-level bottom biter fishing.

Tackle tips were typical, double droppers for the cods and fly-lined sardines fishing shallow.

It was Tuesday when the Mustang added limits of yellowtail to the pair of bluefin tuna they would ultimately end up finishing the day with. Otherwise, the yellows, both offshore and along coastal zones— Coronados and Colonet — pretty much pulled a no-show.

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