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LINGCOD COUNTS: Best so far this winter

Rockfish on both sides of the border serve of a respite for San Diego boats

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 26, 2013

SAN DIEGO — Brutally slow local fishing that has been highlighted by perch and single digit bass counts will become a thing of the past this Friday, when half-day boats can switch gears and fish rockfish out to 300 feet of water in U.S. Waters; over the border, the ¾-day to 1½–day fleets continue to enjoy fishing the Baja Coast and Coronado Islands for excellent rockfish action, to go with the best lingcod counts so far this winter.

Locally, counts like the New Seaforth’s 1 calico bass, 1 sand bass and 2 sculpin will get scrubbed when it starts fishing rockfish on its two daily half-day trips out of Seaforth Landing. If the counts are anything like that of the boats fishing in Mexico there will be some big tallies at the landing.

The weekend brought 1½-day trips to Colnett, while the San Diego continued fishing the Coronado Islands. The ¾-day boat is scheduled to fish the islands daily; on Sunday 268 rockfish, 60 reds and 2 lingcod hit the deck. The lings were flying over the rail on the Voyager on Saturday. The 1½-day fished Colnett for 42 lingcod, 56 reds and 52 rockfish; the Pacific Voyager was on a 1½-day trip of its own for 11 lings, 90 reds and 79 rockfish.

H&M Landing’s Malihini has been fishing the islands as well. The counts on the reds and other rockfish have been stellar, like on Sunday when 110 reds gave the 22 anglers full limits to go with 108 rockfish and a lingcod. The Old Glory has been getting down around Colnett way on its 1½-day trips; Saturday it scored 42 lingcod, 110 rockfish and 58 reds. On the local front, look for the Premier to fish rockfish on the weekends as well as during the week on its half-day trips that fish the 9 Mile Bank in Mexican waters. Sunday’s half-day for 1 calico bass and 101 perch shows what life without rockfish is like close to home.

Fisherman’s Landing will kick off half days on the Dolphin come March 1; Point Loma Sportfishing hasn’t been getting many trips out, but look for March 1 to bring with it more counts. It’s the Daily Double doing one run during the week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then double duty on the weekends; the Mission Belle will be back to running ¾-day trips March 9.

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