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Offshore yellowtail limits

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Mar 13, 2018

SAN DIEGO — Working well within 1-day range the crew on the Legend ran overnight solo offshore and made it work, finding limits of yellowtail and a pair of fat bluefin for 5 anglers.

It's hard to believe but the offshore opportunities have continued into mid March. They managed to find fish even with scant coverage of the vast area. The true breadth of the offshore is hard to assess, but at minimum, some solid action was already on tap.

glassyoffshoreweatherGLASSY OFFSHORE WEATHER greeted this 5-person family charter aboard the Legend on an overnighter. In addition to the pair of bluefin here, they limited on yellowtail. Deckhand Dominic Spinuzza and Rousian Gogoutnov with his family.

The fleet charging the Colonet fishery this past week continued to encounter solid rockfish fishing, although the yellows were scarce. The 20 anglers returning with the Old Glory's weekend 1.5 day decked a pair of yellows to go with 157 rockfish –over 1/3 reds and 23 bonito.

On the 3/4-day scene the San Diego managed good scores of yellowtail until mid week, at which point rockfish took over the top spot for the fleet. The top yellow score came Monday when 18 anglers accounted for 53 of the fork tails. It was all rockfish Wednesday followed by 20 yellows and just shy of 100 rockfish for 17, then 36 yellows kept 17 busy on Friday. Over the weekend it went to the cods.

Those opting for 1/2-day enjoyed plenty of rockfish and some ocean whitefish too. The Point Loma rolled back into Point Loma Sportfishing's dock Thursday with 21 sacking 95 whitefish to go with their rockfish. Sunday the Premier fished just out of the Bay with 28 anglers aboard, and pulled 45 of the razor gills to go with 77 rockfish and 13 scorpions.

Anglers fishing 3/4 and longer Mexican coast trips should be ready with yo-yo iron gear as well as rockfish tackle and torpedo sinkers.

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