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San Diego fleet heads offshore

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 25, 2018

New Lo-An subdues 160-pound bluefin

SAN DIEGO — As waters within 10 miles of the coast cooled, offshore action delivered. The recent windy weather brought up some pretty cool conditions early in the week. The best game fish choice was offshore fishing, and it delivered.

The San Diego put 15 anglers on limits of yellowtail, 75 fish for 15 folks, on Seaforth Sportfishing's 5:30 a.m. departure all day trip. But there was more. Those on the 1.5 dayers connected with big bluefin tuna as well.

THE 1.5-DAY boats out of San Diego ports found large grade bluefin on tap. Here these two lucky anglers fished aboard the New Lo-An – Point Loma Sportfishing. Chris M., Garden Grove, had the WON Whopper of the Week at 160 pounds!

The Condor was back at Fisherman's Landing Sunday with exciting news. Their 16 anglers had 54 yellowtail and managed to boat 9 bluefin tuna to 75 pounds, with fish well in excess of 100 pounds escaping. They reported lots of bluefin in the area.

At H&M Landing the Top Gun 80 and Old Glory fished offshore over the weekend. The 19 anglers on the Old Glory pulled 73 yellows, a single bluefin made it over the rail and they added 22 bonito and a mako to the mix. The Top Gun 80 recovered 12 big bluefin.

The big news was at Point Loma Sportfishing aboard the New Lo-An where their crew managed to sink the gaffs into a 160-pound bluefin for angler Chris M. of Garden Grove.

The boat had gotten into one of those long bluefin drifts, floating for 9 whole miles before the bite was done. Their smallest landed was 40 pounds, with the bulk being 50 to 80, plus the stand out 160.

"Lots of opportunity and casualties with this type of fishing" were the captain's words. And he recommended anglers come ready with all grades of gear, from 25- to 80-pound class, but not bait casters or spinning reels.

BENT ABOARD THE Condor, this angler battles another big bluefin into the dark.

Back at the Point Loma landing Tony Rude said, "Most of the bluefin is like that 50 to 70, and then there's a lot of 100 pound stuff around the boat, and of course a lot of casualties — so we're recommending between as light as 20 — on up to 80, you know, for some of the larger fish."

And there you have it. Bring it all and listen to what your skipper has to say on the P.A. as the boat slides in on fish — for what the grade and gear is for the stop.

Those 3/4-day boats that stuck around in the vicinity of the Coronado Islands hammered the bottom stuff hard. Friday the Fisherman III out of H&M Landing had 19 aboard who whacked 3 lings, 120 rockfish, 27 whitefish and 5 scorpions. Point Loma Sportfishing's 3/4-day boat Mission Belle took 22 to 180 rockfish including 70 reds and added a sheephead and ling plus 25 whitefish.

Saturday the San Diego fished inside in the cold water with 20 anglers limiting on reds, adding 80 other rockfish and a lone yellowtail.

Of course the 1/2-day fleet was all about the bottom bite too. The New Seaforth demonstrated with 18 anglers hauling up 115 rockfish with 64 red. The Premier had similar scores as did the Daily Double and Dolphin.

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