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Paddy yellows keeping the rods bent

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jul 11, 2017

Bluefin getting the PV/Tres Marias treatment by Constitution crew

SAN DIEGO — After struggling to find biters offshore all week, the late reports showed some biting yellows found, and a nice grade, too. H&M Landing reported the First String out on the first day of its 3 dayer, scoring 8 dorado, 72 yellows and an opah! Ocean Odyssey called in with 65 yellows in the hold.

sauerfish226poundSAUERFISH’S 226-POUND cow class bluefin tuna. Angler Julia Hadley pulled on the big fish.

Capt. Chris Randel provided a detailed report for the boat Chief, as follows:

“The Chief was out on a 1½ day trip July 6th with 16 anglers fishing 40 miles Southwest of San Diego in Mexican waters, landed a nice 120-pound bluefin and lost a brute (spooled angler on 130-pound braid with 200-pound leader — estimated 200-plus by Captain Jake Bos) while fishing the kite and yummy flyer set up. They also had 3 more blow ups on the flyer but failed to get a hook set on those fish. Jake also reported several spots of 40- to 70-pound yellow­fin tuna that sank out quickly, along with some 20- to 30-pound grade bluefin schools in same area. Water temps around 67 degrees with lots of bait in area as well as some mixed grade yellowtail on kelps, but you must find the right kelp to get bit, probably due to the amount of bait on the kelps.”

Randel recommended a 20- to 30-pound outfit for smaller tuna, a 30- to 40-pound outfit for kelp paddy fishing, and 60- to 80-pound outfits for fishing flat fall jigs and live bait, especially in the dark. Several big fish have been landed prior to grey light on the Flat-Fall. As for kite fishing, most boats now have that gear already on board and do a kite rotation. Anglers don’t need to bring that type of tackle.

The Constitution has just begun her San Diego season, and surprisingly our offshore bite here this season is much like the bite they fish out of Puerto Vallarta during the winter and spring.

Owner, Capt. Keith Dennet recommended a very similar line-up. This crew has fishing boat-shy big tuna down to a science, and all the tackle and technique dialed in. If that’s what this season is, they will rock it. Dennet said, “We witnessed the largest areas of bluefin tuna and yellowfin in years. Kelps were holding big yellows and dorado that were willing to bite enough to keep anglers busy.”

anotherbomberbluefinANOTHER BOMBER BLUEFIN on the deck of the Constitution.

As the bite turned on over the weekend Dennet posted, “Fun fishing on our last 1.5-day Patriot charter. Over 60 yellowtail and a dorado hit the deck. Kelps were loaded with nice yellow­tail and dorado. It’s going to bust wide-open any day. Fishing is good...”

Sacramento’s Julia Hadley reports she fished the Sauerfish on a three-quarter day trip out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Skipper Jeff Spafford ran the six pack, a Uniflight 48. “We fished in USA and Mexican waters and all day we caught one bluefin tuna that weighed out at 226 pounds on the kite on artificial Yummy Flyer,” said Hadley.

An Okuma Makaira 50W and a United Composite rod did the job. All aboard took a turn fighting the big fish. It took approximately 35 minutes to subdue. They fished the 302.

Tom Mattusch forwarded the preceding report through NorCal WON Saltwater Editor Capt. David Bacon.

San Diego area local kelp spots continued to crank out fast paced action with most of it attributed to calico just under the new 14-inch mark. However, an increasing number of keepers were retained too, and the 1⁄2-day boats tended to sack 2 to 3 keepers or more per rod, with a 3 to 1 ratio of sub-legal to keeper sized fish.

At the Coronado Islands, yellow­tail scores were up and down, and plenty of bass, along with barracuda and bonito were also on tap. Saturday the Mission Belle’s 26 anglers finished up with 18 of the fork-tails landed. San Diego slid in with 30, for the 21 fishing. They also had 30 calico, 32 barracuda, and 50 bonito.

Other 3⁄4-day boats continued to chase the big bluefin. The Liberty landed 7 Saturday.

BRIAN HUNT OF San Diego with Capt. Jake Bos of the Chief. The 120-pound bluefin was caught with a Super Seeker rod and Avet EXW 30 spooled with 130 braid with 200-pound fluorocarbon leader. The Yummy Flyer is still stuffed deep in the fish’s maw.

* * *

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