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San Diego: They're back...

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Aug 07, 2019

SAN DIEGO — "Cow Town" has repopulated and over the weekend, with multi-day trips starting with those bigger offshore yellows in an area about 70 miles south of Point Loma, made the long run north overnight to tap into the monster bluefin back in U.S. waters.

ONE OF 3 supers aboard the Top Gun 80 on the Earl Warren "Black Cloud Memorial" charter DFW "admiral" Capt. Wes Boyle's group.

The first super cow report was of a 303 aboard the Cortez. Then Capt. Wes Boyle's Black Cloud Memorial charter (in honor of Earl Warren Esq.) aboard the Top Gun 80 was on 'em Sunday.

This writer heard the scuttle and texted "300+????" to which Boyle replied, "Yes – maybe 2. Just landed another monster on the Black Cloud Memorial. Everyone just did a toast" – "Gotta go, just hooked another one – everyone got a big one!”

That was around 2000 hours on Sunday evening. At 2216 hours, this came across, "Just put the last one on the boat. Tapes to over 300. I'm beat" Earl "Black Cloud" Warren had sent them monsters to test their mettle.

Maybe we'll see a photo in time, maybe not – due dockside after deadline here. But there were a few dandies from across the fleet anyway.

The Pacific Queen was just back from a 3.5-day trip. Capt. Gavin Harbour posted, "We arrived home from a 3.5-day charter this morning. They wanted big bluefin tuna and big bluefin tuna we gave them. We ended up with 21 bluefin tuna, 11 of which weighed 136 to 290 pounds. The guys put in the work and were rewarded." Five of those fish topped the 200-pound mark.

Bight Sportfishing was on the board with limits of fish for 4 anglers – from 81 to 126 pounds. On Sunday, the fleet in the area included theNew Lo-An, Oceanside 95, Topgun 80, Liberty, Toronado,Jigstrike and several others. The weather was a touch on the breezy side but workable.

Capt. Ricky Perez was out on his new-to-him 26 wellcraft with two friends and got the call from Oceanside 95 skipper Capt. Rick Slavkin and so he headed out. He said there were fish from 50 feet on down to 250 on the meter, but bites weren't easy.

In his travels, he'd drug the trolling gear by some porpoise to have the middle long line with an old marlin jig get engulfed. With the big gear and 200-pound on the fish, the rod was pinned into the rod holder initially.

A 303 ABOARD the Cortez for Jenn.

An hour and a half later the fish was straight down and diving hard with over half the line out when the mystery fish busted off finally – smoked and ruined on 200-pound tackle...

The open-water yellowtail bite was in 1.5-day range and the grade was good – 15- to 25-pound fish. Boats got near limits to limits of the forks along with shots at dorado. This was Sunday's results.

However, the bite earlier in the week was hit and miss and WON writer Paul Lebowitz was aboard the Sea Adventure 80 when Capt. Steve McDaniels was faced with the green water revenge, reduced to killing the skunk by fishing an offshore bank for some great cod fishing one day before getting back on the prowl for game fish the next.

Derek Waldman, past skipper of the Red Rooster III, was out with Capt. Andrew Viola aboard the Pacifica and had great things to say about the boat and crew, all 100 percent, long range caliber aboard the boat from the rebuild and engine room systems to the food, to having four sets of Fuji' stabies at hand for kelp and fish spotting, to expert catch handling.

Waldman said, "We had great yellow fishing on kelps and limited out on 12 to 15 pounders with a couple standouts mixed in."

Saturday the Pacific Dawn limited on yellows, landing 85 and a dorado for 17 anglers on an overnighter. Sunday the Islander had the same plus 8 dorado, and Condor had 121 yellows and 2 dodos for 32 first timers.

The Constitution was back in from a 2.5-day with 230 yellows and 23 flatheads. The Producer had 110 yellows early. The Ocean Odyssey was back from a 1.5-day with 145 yellows and 8 mahi. The Old Glory topped out with 180 yellowtail and 2 flatheads. The Legend had 239 yellows, 12 dorado and the Ranger 85 with 115 plus 2.

theyrebackTHEY'RE BACK — Cow Town 2019 has convened. Hundreds of the big pigs circling the wagon under the Pacific Queen.

The New Lo-An managed to find the right bunch a day early, with limits of yellows for 13 plus a token mahi. The Chief was Thursday's hero with 2-day limits of yellowtail, 1 yellowfin, 11 dorado and 3 bluefin with a 90 pounder.

The Western Star had bluefin – with a 266, a 190 and a 90 on deck. The Pacific Dawn had limits of yellows while the Condor turned in 121 and 2 dorado for 32 anglers on an overnighter. The Tomahawk had started with a day one catch of 93 yellows, then managed a 150-pound bluefin on day two.

Finally, the local bass bite continued, with only a pair of post wind days requiring a plan B backup of reds and rockfish. And, at the Coronado Islands, plan B fishing bottom was a reality, while water conditions recovered their previous composure.

CALEB ETTER, 9, on the back deck of the Pacifica with limits of kelp paddy yellows. PHOTO BY DERIK WALDMAN

BIG PIG LINEUP — Includes 5 cows. The Pacific Queen 3.5-day resulted in 21 bluefin from 80 to 287 pounds. Tenacity and dedication coupled with a big-bluefin-or-bust attitude paid off for this charter group.

* * *

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