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San Diego offshore bite limit style

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Aug 08, 2017

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego 1-day to 2.5-day fleet ran full bore last week. Wide-open mixed grade yellowtail, and limit style dorado fishing continued in offshore waters south of San Diego. Most days it was strictly limits for all boats fishing offshore waters –some combination of yellowtail, dorado and more recently a smattering of yellowfin tuna. Bluefin also continued to make a showing, including a new batch of first-year fish, teens to 20 pounds.

OMG, IT'S AN OPAH! Frank Nikac, of Fisherman's Access in Brea reported wide open yellow on a kelp while aboard the Ocean Odyssey. He decided to drop a megabait, yo-yo style under the fray, with his UC and Trinidad combo, spooled with Izor XXX smoke. It got hammered! About 25 minutes later, the 105 pounder came within sight.

Early in the week a surprise bite of these bluefin showed for the 3/4-day fleet fishing the Coronado Islands. Tuesday the Malihini had limits of bluefin tuna and the rest of the fleet scored even bigger numbers, with more bags to fill.

Through the week the new tuna continued to be a part of the 3/4-day catch, along with lots of yellowtail. Faith fished offshore on 3/4-day and pulled 10 dorado along with 25 yellows for 5 anglers. That's limits folks!

Capt. John Guess reported, "a 3/4 day offshore trip resulted in full limit fishing for 5. Limits of dorado and yellowtail in an area about 20 miles from Point Loma. One stop shopping on one paddy, and we left it during a wide open dorado bite!"

The Ranger 85 kept the tune rolling with just 14 anglers aboard, limits of yellowtail and dorado too on a 1.5 dayer. This followed a previous strictly limits 2 dayer.

Meanwhile the boats pushing a little farther south into the advancing wave of yellowfin tuna on 2.5 dayers scored. The Constitution had 170 yellowfin for 17 fishers on a 2.5 dayer, along with 158 yellowtail and 12 dorado.

Sea Adventure 80's 2.5-day Don and Sharif Charter with 28 fishing resulted in 280 yellowfin and 12 dorado, leaving room for just 50 yellowtail. Capt. Scott McDaniels said,"We all could say that at times fishing was full speed and even epic. This was truly like the old days. Old School and new school anglers having great fishing and just good fun."

JOHN NOBLE, 6-PACK skipper extraordinaire at Dana Landing took the Boston whaler out for a local spin offshore – yellowfin tuna!

Ocean Odyssey's 2 day limits for 20 consisted of 15 yellowfin tuna, 80 dorado and 185 yellowtail. It's been an all methods bite, small heavy iron, fly-lined sardines.

The 3/4-day fleets numbers were hefty too –great island fishing. Malihini, with 16 aboard Tuesday, posted 32 bluefin tuna for limits, plus 16 yellowtail and 22 bonito. Later in the week, Daiwa Pacific was on the run, with 29 anglers who hammered 8 bluefin, 116 yellowtail, 11 barracuda and 38 bonito.

But there was more on tap in 3/4-day range. Fisherman III ran an offshore 3/4-day with 25 and pulled limits of dorad, 50, plus 17 forktails too.

And all the above was just H&M Landing's fleet. Similar results were seen across all landings, Fisherman's, Point Loma Sportfishing and Seaforth Sportfishing. And 1/2-day anglers saw some decent local yellowtail action too. The Chubasco 2 scored 51 forks for 35 anglers, on a 1/2-day.

Boat San Diego had nearly 200 yellows and 27 dorado on Saturday's offshore 3/4-day. Mission Bell ran with 27, fishing the islands and had 11 bluefin and 135 yellows in the bag.

It was game-on for all this border town's landings, all boats running, empty docks during the day and madness morning and night. It was dock carts and tackle boxes and fish and rods, pickup trucks in the parking lots and diesel engines firing up under the deck lights.

JASON BETZ, AN Oceanside Ken's Custom Reel regular, fished the Pacific Queen and drew the lucky number on the kite rod.

threequarterday4THREE-QUARTER-DAY Coronado Island yellows aboard the San Diego.

HALF-DAY SEABASS on the Dolphin.

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