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Bring it, autumn offshore bite

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Sep 19, 2018

SAN DIEGO — The offshore bite cranked out limits of yellowfin tuna backed up by similar snaps on skippies. Dorado made the scene too as the fleet traded between several bite zones looking for that dream paddy, magic porpoise pod, sonar mark or blind jig strike.

Sunday afternoon's landing reports included lots of limits scores. At H&M Landing it was the Constitution calling in with limits of yellowfin, then the Producer with limits of skipjack and 100 yellowfin. The Daiwa Pacific had limited on yellowfin as had the Ranger 85 and Legend.

BIG BLUE BOUNCES on the rail of the Chief.

This had been going on daily. The Old Glory was on the record with limits, as was Ocean Odyssey.

Others had gone west as the Top Gun 80 had, scoring 250 yellowtail and 60 bluefin to 200 pounds.

Locally the bonito were on the snap and the Daily Double put 85 on Saturday. The New Lo-An stayed in the yellowfin action and averaged 100 yellowfin plus dorado and skippies on her weekend trips. Earlier in the week a combination of bluefin, yellowfin and yellowtail had been the target.

The Chief posted 43 bluefin to 211 pounds for 18 anglers on a 3-day, plus a handful of yellowtail and 50 keeper calicos on the side.

At Fisherman's Landing the Condor hit the jackpot for yellowfin limits and 20 dorado, while the Pacific Queen kept the combo approach going, scoring 140 grade large outer banks yellowtail adding 36 bluefin on a 2.5-day returning Friday. The Fortune finished yellowfin limits for both days of a two dayer. The Pacific Dawn got it done on a 1.5-day.

Returning Sunday from a 2-day the Tribute had 187 yellowfin and 160 skippies, reporting the yellowfin grade as "in the 12- to 20-pound range with several touching the 30-pound mark."

The Prowler targeted the big blues Thursday for 21 to 265 pounds, the big fish going to Sanford Morita. Most were 40 to 80 pounds. The Pacific Voyager had just returned from a 2 dayer for 2-day limits of yellowfin for 19 along with 180 on the jacks and a bluefin and dorado. The Apollo mixed it up between both bites. 

CAPT. ANDREW VIOLA with Sanford Morita and his 265-pound bluefin aboard the Prowler.

YELLOWFIN TUNA ON the flyaboard the Tribute.

* * *

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