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Incredible catches pace S.D. action

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Oct 10, 2017

SAN DIEGO — Incredible catches within 1-day range continued to provide highlights beyond compare for the San Diego fleet. At least 2 more high side cows came on deck, including the Chief’s 262 pounder and the 293 aboard the Pacific Dawn. Mean­while, a bevy of biting 20-pound-class bluefin moved in tight to San Clemente Island, mixing with the big bomber yellowtail on the bite there. And plenty of full-speed yellowfin tuna stops continued to fill holds fast for boats headed into Mexican waters, not to mention ample dorado available, too.

THE PAC-DAWN CREW with a 293-pound bluefin. These monsters are out mixed up with the 40-plus grade of fish out in open water, while the bigger numbers of bluefin seen posted last week were 20-pound class and came from tight to San Clemente Island, while fishing on the hook for yellowtail.

Starting with the southern sector highlights, the Condor and Pacific Queen each returned with limits of yellowfin on their 2- and 3-day trips respectively, Sunday. The Eclipse returned from overnighters over the weekend, with 140 yellowfin for 28 Saturday and 105 for 21 anglers Sunday.

Still into 3⁄4-day range, the San Diego pulled 111 yellowfin and 34 skipjack Saturday. This followed scores of 255 for 51, 218 for 50 and 160 tuna for 32 anglers, limits again earlier in the week! Tribute was on the board with limits on an overnighter Friday.

Sunday, the Fisherman III, running 3⁄4-day for H&M Landing posted limits of yellow­fin for 21 anglers. By 8 a.m. Sunday, the Sea Adventure 80 had limits already. But once again it was big stops far between, and the day prior they never got their big break. The trip prior pulled 2-day limits of yellowfin and added 19 bluefin.

Looking west toward San Clemente Island out on Desperation reef and other spots up the island the big yellows were on the feed for a third straight week, and they were joined by 20-pound class bluefin, along with an occasional larger model. In the broader U.S. Waters offshore area, the 40- to monster-grade bluefin tuna reigned supreme, but it took a kite bait on heavy line to stand a chance.

The standard word was kite, Yummee Flyer. But finding a real flying fish and fishing that was the secret method. The Pacific Dawn was out there on a 2-dayer, scoring 62 yellowtail and an amazing 293-pound bluefin on the kite for their Pacific Energy charter group.

A 2.5-DAY aboard the Chief gave them time to chase the big boys and make a catch of San Clemente yellowtail. This 262-pound cow ate the Yummee Flyer on the kite rig, a Seeker 2x4 with an Okuma 80W spooled with 130-pound PowerPro and topped with 400-pound Izorline mono.

heresabetterlookHERE’S A BETTER look at the Chief’s 262 pounder.

Aboard the Chief, the 262-pound behemoth came on the classic Yummee rigged with Owner hooks. Loaded for bear, the kite rig consisted of a Seeker 2x4 rail rod with an Okuma 80 W spooled with 130-pound PowerPro braid and topped with 400-pound Izorline. They had a few additional opportunities that didn’t quite pan out, as those big fish don’t come easy.

The bug season opened and night hooping trips found fog and crawlin’ critters. The Jig Strike was on ’em and had open spots on the trips! On Tuesday they left with 8 anglers and hooped up 56, with 25 keepers going into the pot.

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