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BY MERIT McCREA WON Staff Writer Published: Oct 10, 2018

Limit-style fall yellowfin fishing continues

SAN DIEGO — As the excellent yellowfin tuna and skipjack bite continued, many trips posted limits of tuna and an influx of yellowtail joined in. In addition, by the weekend, much of the bite shifted to just north of the border, into U.S. waters only 10 to 20 miles west of Point Loma. The Ranger 85, on a 3.5 dayer, stocked 240 yellowfin and headed for Cow Town, where they added 12 bluefin, with 7 over the 200-pound mark, up to 243 pounds.

ONE OF 7 cows aboard the Ranger 85 on a 3.5 dayer where 12 blufin capped a catch including 240 yellowfin tuna and 100 skipjack for 28 anglers.

At Fisherman's Landing, not less than 5 boats called in full limits of yellowfin tuna Sunday. At H&M Landing more than half of their Full Day and longer trips returned with full limits of yellowfin, complemented by large yellowtail and/or skipjack scores. Friday the Ocean Odyssey turned in limits of both the tuna and yellowtail – 135 of each species for their 27 anglers.

Thursday Pacific Dawn's 17 anglers caught 85 yellowfin and 6 skipjack tuna.

It was a similar story out of Point Loma Sportfishing, and the New Lo-An took 15 anglers out to land 17 of those bluefin instead Wednesday. At Seaforth Sportfishing the Aztec hit up the bluefin, ending their 1.5-dayer Sunday with 12 bluefin. Meanwhile the Pride packed on limits of yellowfin and skipjack for their 17 fishing.

Aztec Capt. Greg Gawitt reported 33 bluefin on deck for their Friday trip with 22 anglers fishing. Most of the fish were 50 to 70 pounders but their first of the night was a 225, with another huge one lost.

That same day the Prowler chased the yellowfin and landed limits for 18 anglers — 90 YFT. They also caught 35 skippies on the 1.5 dayer.

THE AZTEC CREW hit paydirt on these 50- to 70-pound bluefin, landing 34 to 225 pounds for their 22 anglers.

The local bonito bite continued for 1/2-day anglers. Saturday the New Seaforth sacked 67 bonito for 35 anglers on their a.m. run.

Those boats offering evening hoop netting for lobster had good luck with the incoming hurricane swell. Average scores were over 2 bugs per hooper. Opening weekend the DFW was out in force. While the vast majority were fishing fair, there were a few cheaters out. The DFW reported 2,088 netters contacted, with 106 citations and 165 warnings issued.

Their report included, "One particularly notable case was in San Diego, where wildlife officers on boat patrol pulled up on a vessel with two persons on board. Upon approach, the men started throwing lobsters overboard. The officers quickly boarded the vessel and located 26 lobsters hidden throughout. The men were cited for an overlimit of lobster and report card violations. Another significant bust and citation occurred farther north in Orange County, where two wildlife officers made one case involving 27 lobsters taken the night prior to the opener (thus out of season)."

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