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San Diego: Tuna big and mean

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Nov 05, 2019

SAN DIEGO — The fall tuna hauled in this past week were big and mean — and biting. Reports were like the one from the Sea

Adventure 80, with bluefin from 50 to 290 pounds, and yellowfin of 30 to 80 pounds. Aboard the New Lo-An, reporting on the first of a 2-day trip Sunday, they’d decked 90 yellowfin ranging in size from 40 to 60 pounds.

The fleet was fishing but leaving the docks with open spots. Crews with a day off headed out on other boats to take advantage of the great fall bite.

tomahawktunaTOMAHAWK’S TUNA — Another cow on deck!

Aboard the Ocean Odyssey, 26 anglers had salvaged 23 bluefin and 19 yellowfin out of many more hookups with heavy casualties on the lighter line.

The Tomahawk called in with limits of bluefin tuna up to 100 pounds and limits of yellowfin tuna too for their 12 anglers on a 2.5-dayer. The Condor had 18 bluefin from 40 to 60 pounds and 11 yellowfin up to 40 pounds.

The Pacific Queen tied up with 26 anglers getting 51 bluefin — just one shy of full limits, plus 15 yellowfin for a 1.5-day trip.

The fish were close and full-day anglers also saw solid catches. Friday 10 anglers aboard the Liberty had 47 yellowfin, 7 bluefin and 3 skippies. Jolene Thompson made a run aboard the Freedom with 5 friends fishing yellowfin and saw her crewland 8.

The big boys were close enough to tackle on a full-day run too. Sunday the San Diego tangled with the monsters and managed to put 8 bluefin over the century mark on deck among the catch.

LIBERTY GALS LAND tuna. Jolene Thompson, Kyoko Kay Dollar and crew fished the Liberty, landing 8 of 26 tuna.

The Pride rolled in with 17 having landed 117 yellowfin and 16 blues.

Weekday angler numbers were way down and the Aztec was out with just 9 fishers for limits of those Guadalupe grade yellowfin in US waters and 11 bluefin — 60 to 150 pounds!

Offshore fall fishing is phenomenal, biting with favorable weather forecast as far forward as the forecast goes.

It was, as it has been, bring-it-all fishing. Head out with tackle like long range because the grade might be long range style — even on an overnighter.

Local anglers remained wedded to bottom biters offering the best half-day results, mostly because the numbers were so solid.

As for the twilight hoopers the crawl was good, with boats putting back 60 or more to put 20 keepers in the hopper, fishing 10 nets.

A REGULAR ABOARD the San Diego, Ross Colbert caught one of the eight 100-plus pounders caught on a recent trip on the vessel out of Seaforth Sportfishing.

THE BIG SCORE on the Condor. Yellowfin line the rail at day’s end.

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