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Early-week bluefin limits ease over weekend

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff WriterPublished: Nov 08, 2017

SAN DIEGO — The week started with limit-style bluefin tuna on tap south and west of San Clemente Island. But fishing being fishing, the bite eased considerably coming into the weekend, and what was good for every boat became good for the fortunate few. In addition, a few schools of bigger yellowfin tuna shared the spotlight on Friday. The Aztec posted having landed 58 of the 30- to 75-pound-class yellowfin tuna.

SLUG YELLOWTAIL ON the Tanner Bank aboard the Eclipse.

The Relentless, Fortune and Oceanside 95 also got in on the bite, but landing these bigger northern sector yellowfin proved much more challenging than hooking them.

It was Monday through Wednesday when the bluefin really chewed, with the Old Glory, Mustang, New Lo-An and Aztec all limiting out. As the week drew to a close, scores were trending toward one per rod, with similar numbers of yellowtail helping out.

The Old Glory crew hit the right school even on Friday, getting 32 bluefin for 16 anglers, plus 3 yellowfin, and having time to fish yellows, landed 18 of those. The word was that there was lots of bait in the area.

Stops came on jig strikes trolling through porpoise for the yellowfin, and mostly sonar marks for bluefin. Anglers fished live sardines on 40-pound line during daylight hours and glow iron/Flat-Falls on heavier line in the dark.

With glass-calm weather under overcast skies most of the week, some ventured even farther west to the outer banks. The Eclipse fished the Tanner bank's slug yellowtail with 28 aboard, landing 60 of the monster mossbacks along with 60 rockfish. A good volume of bluefin tuna could be seen in the area, but few were taken.

The 3/4-day fleet focused on the Coronado Islands and surrounding areas. The bonito bite continued strong and a few yellowtail plus a handful of bluefin tuna were taken on each boat on most trips. Saturday, the San Diego carried 19 fishers, finding 9 bluefin, a skipjack, 44 yellowtail and 95 bonito (limits).

Bottom line? Lots of extra space on the boats and continued great fall big game fishing.

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