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Big forks blaze through local waters

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Jan 02, 2019

SAN PEDRO/LONG BEACH — The weekend’s hot buzz was local waters yellows, and the mosquito fleet was on it heavy. Long Beach Sportfishing's Steve Phelps said, "The few fish that are being landed have been on both surface and yo-yo jigs, so make sure if you are fishing local this week, bring a jig stick and some iron.

With a windy start to the post Christmas push, many anglers were met with windy weather Wednesday and Thursday, but things definitely improved Friday and held through the weekend, mostly. Sunday afternoon showed some westerly winds out at San Nicolas, but by then the deed was done.

GOT ONE! Big forks showed in local L.A. waters but getting one to the boat was an issue. This one's on the Native Sun and looks like the iron got slapped apart on deck — just the treble and ring are left in the fish

Phelp's report added detail. "On Saturday, the 3/4-day boat Victory reported seeing lots of yellowtail, but could not get them to stick with the boat. After running and gunning for a better part of the morning, he went outside to fill the sacks. His 38 anglers connected with 380 whitefish, 3 sheephead, 100 sanddab, 1 sand bass, 20 rockfish, and 31 vermilion rockfish."

After the switch the boat will target scullies and sandies. Phelps said 8-ounce weights and 1/2-ounce leadheads rigged with twin-tail plastics for the sculpin, and 2-ounce leadheads for fishing bass with squid.

As for the Eldorado, the San Nicolas island bottom bite was as on as ever, lots of heavy sacks came off in the season's final days. All were looking forward to a gang buster opener come March, with deeper waters opening up after nearly 2 decades unfished.

Long Beach Sportfishing's Ahra Ahn will join the Tradition out of 22nd Street Landing in targeting the Shelf's abundant sanddab resource this week.

Getting a jump-start on the winter dab season the Tradition continued to bag dabs by buckets full — turning in 1,800 to 2,000 dabs per trip.

Running the final days of groundfish was the Monte Carlo, and whitefish added generously to the rockfish numbers, eclipsing them by a factor of 2 or more. Wednesday 37 anglers sacked 250 of the OWFs to go with 125 rockfish.

Over at L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing the Sport King trips kept pace on the local fishing, lots of whitefish, good rockfish numbers and a few bass here and there, and offered a bit more elbow room at the rail.

Capt. Ryan Gengler, the owner of the Triton and Gail Force posted continuing success on the lobster, and a full float on the Catalina Island ika — live squid.

At Pierpoint Landing the Enterprise and City of Long Beach did the best of the party boats on the local yellows. The Enterprise carried 38 anglers Saturday, chasing the yellowtail, landing 7 of the big forks, and managed 1/2 limits on the rockfish including 66 reds, plus bagged full limits of whitefish – 10 around or 380 razor-gills.

The whitefish numbers were consistently from 7 to 10 per angler and even the 1/2-day trip scored limits Friday.

FULL FLOAT FOR the Triton at Catalina Island. Sunday evening the seiner fleet was headed down the backside setting up for the night. The juice was flowing.

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