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All on tap at Channel Islands

BY MERIT McCREA/WON Staff Writer Published: Aug 08, 2018

VENTURA/OXNARD — Throughout the week rockfish bites remained solid, calico limits on tap for those groups targeting them on charters and highlights of yellowtail and seabass scores spiced up Channel Islands results.

Friday the Coroloma had 3/4-day rockfish limits for 14. Other outings showed bass and barracuda on tap for their 3/4-day anglers. Those fishing Hook's Landing Sportfishings overnight boat New Hustler were rewarded with easy rockfish limits augmented by triple digit whitefish numbers.

NEW HUSTLER GAME fish score. Channel Islands game fish were found both on outer island and local island trips.

Aboard the New Hustler their WON Whopper of the Week was a 21-pound jack on an outer island charter for local angler Joey B. The Coroloma's was a 15 pounder for Dan Lula of San Fernando Valley.

Mid week a 2 dayer from CISCO's aboard the Mirage stuck 40 Santa Rosa Island white seabass for 18 anglers. Not stopping there, they had an equal number of lingcod and 300 nice reds and other rockfish.

The Aloha Spirit encountered red crabs massing at the surface in a solid mat. Early in the week they had a day for 37 yellowtail with 22 anglers doing the damage. Saturday the Gold Coast Lady Anglers had the boat for a calico bass adventure. The 22 that day pulled limits of bass from the weeds and rocks, 110 of them.

The Sea Jay and Island Tak equally carried groups targeting the sport coats with great results and yellows too. Saturday's 10 aboard the Sea Jay had calico limits and 11 yellows, while the Tak also had full calico quotas for 9 and 3 more jacks. It was Monday when a Tak charter with 9 fishing popped 29 yellows.

That same day the 24 open-party 3/4-day folks aboard the Gentleman bagged 24 yellow along with 21 barracuda and mix of bottom biters.

richardheffron430RICHARD HEFFRON'S 32-pound halibut aboard the Pacific Islander. (That's a bird behind him, not a propeller on Heffron's hat – really now).

Sunday it was the Erna B's turn to whack 'em and stack 'em and 12 fishers railed on 35 more ’tails.

At Ventura Sportfishing highlights included the Pacific Eagle's full-day with 19 fishers finding 14 ’tails and a dozen skinnies to go a cornucopia of bottom biters and others.

Aboard the Amigo's full-day Saturday, 19 bagged 12 more jacks, 4 white seabass, a halibut, 26 barries, and 46 bass.

Aboard the Island Spirit the top gamefish score was 16 of the fork tails to go with a mixed bag catch of the 3 B's and a few bottom biters.

GOT CRABS? The Aloha Spirit found this mat-o-redcrabs at the Channel Islands and shared it with the Island Tak, seen in the background.

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