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Sunday, July 17, 2011
Cocktails US Open

Amazing New High Water Lake Mead Structure Photos
Check out these new Lake Mead photos we have added to the collection taken just recently by Lake Mead regular John O'Brien.

Lake Mead has been your typical stark desert lake for the last decade with coves and shoreline covered with mostly just  rocks and a few old growth bushes. And below the waterline in shallow water it's been much the same in recent years due to the declining water levels at the lake.

But now after  a few years of good rain, the trees and bushes grew lushly on the shoreline. Flash forward to right now and the with rapidly increasing water levels the lake now is chocked of submerged trees and bushes like it hasn't seen in many decades. It's this way in cove after cover throughout the entire lake, and it's a BIG lake.

As every bass angler knows bass love structure and now this desert lake has almost unlimited new structure and endless places where bass can be found, a places for anglers to cast a lure.

The prospects for the US OPEN this year and for years to come, and for fishing in general at the lake  are simply amazing. These photos provided by John O'Brian from Las Vegas Nevada clearly show why.

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Looks GREAT !!!!! Can't wait to fish it..
Bill Hart
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