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Sunday, July 17, 2011
Cocktails US Open

U.S. OPEN of Bass Fishing - The Day After

There will be much more written and many photos to come when our editors get back to the offices, but there are a few things worth mentioning the morning after the event.

I am told that the mood following the U.S. Open this year was crazy good. I am sure some anglers were dissapointed in how they did overall, or how they did on the last day. But the general atmosphere was that this was a very special OPEN. The was a buzz at  the awards ceremonyin  the RAILHEAD ROOM at the BOULDER STATION Hotel & Casino which was unmistakingly positive.

Unlike many bass tournament awards banquets this one was packed, quite possibly because the first 150 or so were promised and then given an asssortment of lures from our sponsors, and that we still had a lot of big prizes to award in raffles. Three more trolling motors from Motorguide and 9 Optima Blue Top Batteries that came with them were still to be given away, as was a Lowrance unit, and a lot of other super prizes such as Plano tackle boxes stuffed with lures from the many U.S. Open sponsors. So there was this big crowd and guys were done fishing and just having a good time after 3 gruelling days on Lake Mead. The Railhead room is by the way a great place to host a party, so everything was just as you would like it to be.

As people enetered the room they were given a chance to enter a raffle to get a signed jersey from Kevin VanDam, with all the money all going to the Wounded Warriors fund. I think the fishermen bought $2,800.00 in tickets for the Wounded Warriors, so that was really cool. The bass anglers were in a festive mood and it was just a great party atmosphere, and most everyone was happy to have been a part of another great U.S. Open.

When you get a big crowd of bass fishermen together and a popular star like Aaron Marten wins the mood tends to be very upbeat, so the place was rocking, guys got prizes and awards, and some were having a cocktail or two. Things were going along and the awards are being handed out, among them the fiftenn $1,000.00 big fish winners. Everyone getting a check was getting lots of cheers and support from the large crowd, but what was about to happen wasn't at all expected and brought the already boisterous crowd to its feet.

One of the winners was the young AAA from Texas, Carson Sims, who is only 13 years old. He came to the US OPEN with his dad who is a big stick who has won 5-6 boats in tournaments back home in Texas, and Carson is about 6 foot tall, so this isn't your typical 13 year old angler. Anyway Carson comes up to the stage to get his $1,000.00 big fish check and he gets a larger than average round of applause just because he is a great young kid and he and his dad had already impressed many in attendance during the week. Then without missing a beat Carson steps up to the microphone and donates his $1,000.00 check  to the WOUNDED WARRIORS. Needless to say the crowd went totally nuts at this point, and it put an explmation point on what already was a great evening.

It's really great to put on a big tournaemnt like the U.S. Open and have it go really well, then crown a great Champion like Aaron Martens. But it was more than just that in that we were also able to do some good as a group of anglers, and raise a little money for charity.

Hopefully this is just a start and we can do more and bigger things going forward. Our sponsors even threw a great, free cocktail party on Saturday evening for the anglers and their wives or guest, and that was yet another nice touch that sort of gets lost in the whole deal.

Our sincerest thanks to the anglers and sponsors who made this a great tournament and who were gracious enough to support the WOUNDED WARRIORS with their donantions. Good job and thanks to everyonbe involved!

by Bob Twilegar

President, Western Outdoors Publications



Final Group now coming up...

Two time U.S. Open winner Clifford Pirch has a good bag with 8.85-lbs. Great job and way to finish strong.

Here comes Gary Klein and it looks like his bag has some weight in it! Everyone is pretty excited as the scale settles on a weight and it's 8.84-lbs ! There is a good reason why these guys can compete wherever they go and at any level.

Boris Antolos continues his good fishing at the U.S. Open and today he has 10.36-lbs!

That's it. The U.S. Open is finished and the weights will be checked, double checked, and everyone will head back to the big awards event at the Boulder Station in the Railhead room. Lot's of money, awards and more sponsor prizes to be awarded, including 3 more Motorguide trolling motors, that come with 3 bateries each. The final, offcial standings will be up immediately after the are announced to the anglers.


Shawn Lee, who was in second place and who will take the lead with a decent weight today is now coming to the scales.Chris Bozarth the leader left the door open with today and let's see what happens now. Shawn has less than the other days and 7.64-lbs. is his official weight today. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Roumbanis just dropped 7.41 pounds of bass on the scales.

Unofficially we have:
Peltier at 31.26 lbs/
Lee 30.71-lbs
Klinger at 29.19-lbs.

But Marten and Klein still have to weigh in...

And right on que here comes Aaron towards the scales....

It's 10.51 lbs. !!!!

We still have Klein out there, but this can't be any more dramatic. The crowd is going nuts.

4:00 Update

Matt Massey weighed in a good 9.47-lb.sack of fish which will help him.

Gary Boyd is in the same good neighborhood with 9.81 lbs.

So far 290 fish have been brought to the scales and so far today 1/3 of them are smallmouths. Very few fish were DOA despite the heat. The Nevada Department of Wildlife works with WON BASS during the U.S. Open and goes to great lengths to make sure that extra steps are taken to protect the fish during these hot summer months.

U.S. Open legend Mike Folkestad was in 13th place and he just weighed in a 3.27 pound big fish, but his bag was only 5.08-lbs today.

The 7th flight is coming in soon with some of the leaders.

3:15 Update

John Murray weighed 5 fish for 8.15 pounds mostly fishing football jigs with craw baits deep. It seems like a lot of different baits and styles are working for some, but other anglers can't find anything that works today.

Gabe Bolivar just made the point again by weighing in10.45 pounds on topwater baits.

Dick Watson was right behind him but he struggled a bit trying to get a limit and only had 4 fish for 6.12-lbs.

Young professional Kyle Grover who is a major force in the southern California team Inland Empire region weighed in with 7.30-lbs. Give this young man a few more years of experience on the professional circuit and his talent will get him a lot of victories on the Pro tour too.

Chris Bozarth was our leader, but he just came in with only three fish which weighed 4.82 pounds. He had a great tournament regardless, but no doubt today will haunt him for a while. He is still in the hunt, but Klein and Martens are still out there.

2:50 Update

Kevin Johnson just came to the scales and he has 7.70-lbs which seems to be a good, but not a winning weight today. Kevin has been in contention the last few years at the U.S. Open and is one of the top touring fishermen out west. He is a very good pro and didn't show his disappointment much as he told the large crowd that his fish came fishing a drop shot.

Clunn just came to the scales and he only had 3 fish for a little less than 5-pounds. You can tell that he is one of the crowd favorites even as he approaches the stage. Everyone appreciates him being at the U.S. OPEN and many were pulling for him to win it again.


At 2:00 PM as we are waiting for the first guys to come to the scales it's 110 degrees and dead calm, no wind at all at Callville Bay. The bay itself is mirror calm. Inside the big tent at the top of the launch ramp by the the marina store the stage is set up again today. But today there is a larger, standing room only crowd, and there is a real buzz as friends, familly and fans wait for the anglers to come up to the scales.

One of the first to come to the scales is Dave Peltier who came into today in 5th place, and he starts the day off with a big 10.13-lbs ! Tough to know at this point if that is going to be huge bag or if today's weights are going to be big for everyone.

Joe Uribe, one of the other guys near the top of the standing just came in and only had 4-pounds today, so now we have seen both extreemes and we're just getting started.

Moses Mokuahi, another leader who was in 4th place going into today just weighed in only four fish for 6.68-ilbs, He burned 58 gallons today and came in on fumes.

Continuing the up and down trend today, John Morrow was in 31st place and he just plopped 12.08-pounds of bass on the scales, with two bug smallmouths close to 3-lbs each.

Duane Cowley weighed in a 4.17-pound Big Bass.

Rich Tauber weighed in a 6.68 sack and told the crowd that all of them were caught burning a spinnerbait.



Korean pro angler buys Nitro boat



Are wondering what happened to the Nitro Z8 U.S. Open tournament boat that was parked out in front of the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino? Professional angler Siwon Kang liked fishing out of the Nitro loaner boat so much after day-one of the tournament; he bought it to fish the rest of the tournament.


The Las Vegas Bass Pro Shop service department was closed, but one of the tournament anglers rigged up the electronics so he could use the boat for day-two of the competition

Kang with a 2.67 smallie on day-two

Kang day-two

Eleven and twelve pounds is the target weight



U.S. Open anglers that brought eleven or twelve pounds to the scales yesterday made big jumps into the top ten. Moses Mokuahi of Las Vegas rocked the scales and jumped from 23rd place into 4th place with a 12.10 pound sack.


Long time supporter of WON BASS Dr. Randy Estrada of Corona made a move from 49th place into 9th place with a big sack of 11.81 pounds.


Another long time supporter of WON BASS Boris Antolos of Torrance launched into the top ten with 11.35 pounds and a move from 39th place into 8th place. “I made a bad decision on day-one and second guessed myself with the cloud cover,” said Antolos. “I changed my game plan and it hurt me. I’m back on my game and should weigh in another big bag tomorrow.”


Tournament leader and local angler from Henderson Chris Bozarth weighed in an 11.89 pond sack on day-one and 11.31 ponds on day-two. “I’m on em’, said Bozarth.


It will take eleven or twelve pounds to win this tournament today and like always, its have 3 days of 10 pounds or better or you are out of the running for the win.

Bors Antolos with 11.35 pounds on day-two.

Get ready folks, this year’s WON BASS U.S. Open is going down to the wire!


Las Vegas, Nev. — The closer any sporting event comes to a photo finish, the more exciting it invariably becomes. The same can be applied to any bass tournament, but it becomes even more exhilarating in the context of the U.S. Open. And given the Open takes place on the waters of Lake Mead, within the confines of Las Vegas, it seems only appropriate that the cards would fall into place for a truly nail-biting finish.

The leaderboard changed rather significantly this afternoon, as some anglers fell from grace, while others ascended the ranks. Chris Bozarth maintained his lofty position, weighing in another solid 11.31 pounds, and taking the first-place slot. Aaron Martens managed a hearty 9.62 pounds; enough to secure third place at the end of day two. Shawn Lee jumped to second place with a 12.18-pound bag, and Moses Mokuahi skyrocketed from 23rd to fourth place with 12.10 pounds. Boris Antolos probably made the most impressive leap, landing in eighth place, from 39th the day prior. David Peltier moved from sixth to fifth place with 10.06 pounds.

On the AAA side, Tyler Vanderhorst retained his first-place position, Ryan Yamagata landed in second, Tom Kruse (of Boat Bling) was in third, 13-year-old Carson Sims found himself in fourth, and Justin Martens rounded out the top five.

As it stands right now, a mere 2 pounds, 7 ounces separates first from fifth place, while .13 pounds lies between first and second. In short, this one’s going down to the wire, and it’s certainly anyone’s tournament. Stay tuned folks, as this one could be one of the best U.S. Open finishes in the history of WON BASS.

Chris Bozarth is day -two leader

Pro Shawn Lee in second place and Tyler Vanderhorst is AAA leader

Martens drops to 3rd and AAA Sims moves to 4th.

Mokuahi moves from 23rd to 4th

Shaun Bailey big bass of day-two with 4.58

Last Flight of the day...

Randy Estrada just opened with a 11.81 sack of bass and yet another 10 pund plus bag hits the scales for today. They may not sound huge, but anything over 10 is big at the US OPEN and eveey portion of a pound thereafter is huge, so almost 12 pounds is a killer weight today.

U.S. OPEN Champion Rich Tauber is coming to the scales. For a guy who doesn't do much pro tournament fishing anymore Rich is always in the mix at the US OPEN. He is one of the huge boosters of the event and he tells anyone who will listen that the U.S. OPEN has to be on Lake Mead or it isn' the US OPEN. Rich has 8.3 -lbs today. which is a solid weight that will likley keep him in the running for yet another US OPEN check. We'll have to see tthe standings later to know for sure how he stands, but by guess would be 30-something after day two. The results should be up before 8PM, hopefully much before.

The last person noted in the last flight today is Rick Clunn who always draws a lot of atention. He is possibly the world's most famous bass fisherman of all time, and another U.S. OPEN booster and supporter, who always states that the U.S. OPEN is among the best bass tournaments in the world. Rick just weighed in a good weight of 8.30 pounds, which isn't probably enough to stay in real contention for another vistory, but we'll have to see how he does tomorrow to know for sure. He's another guy who you can never count out completely until he weighs in on the final day.

_________Day 2 is done_______________________________

Vern Ridgeway just weighed in 10.75 pounds so the guys putting up 9's and 10's continues. John Murray also just weighed in a good 8.18-lb bag of bass, and Dick Watson put up a 3.06 smallmouth. Last flight is coming up next...

Aaron Marten and 13 year old Carson Sim from Texas ( who had the big bass yesterday) sis just coming to the scales and the total is..... 9.62 pounds, so he is in great shape and definitely in the hunt on day 3.

Tim Kinger just weighed in 9.01 pbs. Right on Tim's heels was Fred Roumbanis with a bag going 7.27 lbs.

Defending champ and two time winner Clifford Pirch just brought in 7.16-lbs to the scales. He came from back east to defend his title, and probably didn't get the practice time he needed this year, but it's great he came back to try to win his 3rd US OPEN.

3.72 big fish for Jeff Husdon.

Sean Lee just came to the scales and he has a 3.42 big fish and a 12.18 big stringer which is so far the biggest for day 2. The US OPEN has a up to $2,000 per day big stringer prize for both AAA's and Pro every day. There are ten ( up to ) $1,000 big bass awards each day, so that is why we are mentioning them so often. Five for AAA's and five for the pros.

Gary Klein, who was in 4th place in day 1 with 11.35-lbs just checked in with another good limit that weighed 9.66-lbs. The number of guys around that 20 lb range is going to be mind boggling going into day three, but Aaron Martens has yet to play his cards. He is due up soon.

Flight 6 is coming innow with Klein and Martens.

Joe Uribe just came to the scales at 3:05 pm and he weighed in a nicebag weighing 10.14 - lbs.
Right on the heels of Joe's bag Clay Lipincott came in with a good sack at 9.17-lbs.

Boris Antola just topped them both with 11.35 lbs.

Flight 6 coming in soon, with Klein and Martens.


Flight 4 is coming to the scales and Mike Folkstad got 8.66, all on topwater

Don Iovino is making his return to the US OPEN and the "Doodling King" managed to catch "tons of bass" today, but all smaller one. They were all caught as one would expect suspended.

Moses Mokuahi came in with a very impressive 12.10 -lbs to serve notice to everyone that he intends to be a factor.

Billy Cook just announced to the crowd that 49% of all the fish weighed yesterday were smallmouths adn despite the heat and fish being caught at depth only a couple fish had died out of the 400 or so caughtg on day one.


Shaun Bailey came in just now with a 4.58 big fish and 6.26-lbs. overall
John Morrow then came in with 8.67 lbs.

AAA Shannon Henry had a 3.06 smallie for a big bass.

The 3rd flight is coming in soon. Chris Bozarth who was in 3rd place with 11.89-lbs. after day one just came just came in with 11.31-lbs to take the overall lead for now. Ray Arbesu who was in 2nd place after day one with 12.37-lbs. only had 3 fish today, so he slipped some.

Guys starting to roll in with some fish to weigh, but the first few were smaller than on day 1 with nothing over 6.6 lbs. The heat is up today to about 112 degrees, so the US OPEN is starting to get back to normal again. We hired some paramedics this year to be onsite due to the heat and its afffect on some of the anglers last year when the temperature got into the 120 range at times.

While the husbands and boyfriends are on the water on day-two of the U.S. Open, the women are enjoying a Slot Tournament from 9am-11am at the host Boulder Station Hotel and Casino.

While the husbands and boyfriends are on the water on day-two of the U.S. Open, the women are enjoying a Slot Tournament from 9am-11am at the host Boulder Station Hotel and Casino.

“I’m having a great time said,” said Mrs. Fleck. Her husband is AAA angler Joel Fleck of Menifee CA. “We are having some great family time and I have met some of the other wives, made some new friends, and we are hanging out together at the pool and gambling.

“I have been gambling and winning, hanging out at the pool, met some new friends, and just having a great time,” said Cindy Delgado who’s husband is AAA angler Doug Delgado of West Lake Village, CA.

Rick Clunn and lake conditions



I spoke with Rick Clunn at the Anglers Appreciation night and he said, “Many anglers thought the fishing would be better with the high water, but it actually makes it more difficult because last year you could pull into a cove or bay and pinpoint where you would catch 3 or 4 fish. This year there will be 10-20 spots that look like they would be holding fish and there not there. So it’s taking a lot longer to catch the quality bass needed to win.”

Clunn told Steve Menudo of WON BASS, “You just have to pick the right bush holding the larger bass for the big bags in this event. Clunn only weighed in an 8.65 pound sack yesterday and is sitting in 36th place, but he’s Rick Clunn, don’t count him out just yet.

Clunn heads to the scales on day-one

Clunn at the scales on day-one.

Big bass goes to 13-year-old angler


Carson Sims of Boerne Texas, the youngest angler to ever fish the Open, on day-one caught the big bass of the day, a smallmouth that tip the scales at 4.40. Cason also caught what would have been the second big bass of the day another 4 pounder to add to the total weight of the day 11.29.

Now for the kicker, the young angler from Texas drew Aaron Martens for day-two of the competition. When I ask Sims who he drew for day-two he replied, “Aaron Marten, who is he?” I couldn’t believe what I had heard, first of all that he drew Aaron Martens and second he didn’t know who he was. I told him Martens is one of the best anglers in the world and second one of the best anglers on Lake Mead.

“The bass aren’t as big here as they are in Texas,” said Sims at the weigh-in scales. Sims and his father Claude Sims, have been fishing team events in Texas and winning a few events this year. His father has won 5 boats in 7 years in Texas and knows his way around a bass tournament.

“I’m so excited for Carson,” I don’t care if I catch another fish for the rest of the tournament. We came here for Carson and he has already had the time of his life,” said his father.

Carson Sims is sitting in 8th place and everyone will be watching to see how the young angler from Texas fares today, fishing with one of the best anglers in the world, Aaron Martens.

Old champions and fresh newcomers step it up on day one of the WON BASS U.S. Open

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — While a number of familiar faces represented the top anglers on day one of the WON BASS U.S. Open, there were a handful of relative unknowns (at least in California) that proved their mettle on one of the most difficult fisheries in the West, perhaps even the entire country.

Past U.S. Open champion Aaron Martens is certainly no stranger to the winner’s circle, which, ironically enough, is where he found himself after weighing in a 12.98-pound bag; in first place, more specifically. The legendary Gary Klein resided in fourth place with a total weight of 11.35 pounds. Second in the Pro division went to Ray Arbesu and his 12.37-pound, 5-fish limit, while third belonged to Chris Bozarth and his 11.89 pounds. Young Wade Strelic rounded out the top five with an 11.28-pound limit.

On the AAA side of things, it was Tyler Vanderhorst in first, Douglas Minor in second, David Shearrer in third, Bill Byrd in fourth, and Ryan Yamagata in fifth.

Past champions and top-five finishers aside, however, one of the most exciting facets of day-one competition were the impressive achievements of two of the youngest U.S. Open anglers in the history of the event. Thirteen-year-old (yes, 13) Carson Sims ventured all the way from Texas — where he’s already making a name for himself, along with his father — to fish the Open, and managed an incredible 11.29 pounds penalty alongside his Pro, Shawn Lee, (minus .40 pounds for a dead-fish). Sims also bagged the day-one big fish of 4.4 pounds. Also worth mentioning might be the fact the young angler drew Aaron Martens as his Pro for tomorrow’s competition. This should prove to be interesting…

Another impressive finish was handed in by 17-year-old Mark McClain of Menifee, whose mother purchased his AAA U.S. Open entry as a graduation gift. He fished with Joe Uribe Jr. for a 10.93-pound bag.

The Open is up for grabs, as two more days of fishing remain, but as things are shaping up, keep an eye out for those mentioned above.

Aaron Martens is all smiles as he leads the tournament with 12.98

2nd Place Ray Arbesuwith 12.37.

3rd Place Chris Bozarth 11.89.

4th Place Gary Klein with 11.35.

5th Place Wade Strelic with 11.28.

Day 1 crowd

Tony Schultz and his new holding tanks.

The partner pairing for day one are up Click HERE to get to them.


It's really getting much warmer than the last few days in Las Vegas and at Lake Mead. The were predictions of possible rain today, but it's mostly just humid with temperatures up to 110 degrees.

Many of the bigger fish today have been smallmouths, including the biggest one caught by the 13 year old AAA from Texas, Carson Simms. Carson will be paired with Aaron Martens tomorrow so the young man is really getting his money's worth on the first couple of days of fishing the US OPEN.

Chris Bozarth ended things up today by bringing 11.89 pounds to the scales, so while it looks like Aaron will be wearing the yellow jacket after day one there are many right on his heels.

Sean Stafford performs on the big stage as expected and just came in with with a 10.83-pound sack of fish.

Dave Peltier and Yasuhiro Okuda check in with 11.07-lbs and are also in great shape after day 1.

3:25 pm- A lot of people in contention for sure....

Joe Uribe came to the scales with 10.93-lbs

John Mackey is in it with 10.63-lbs.

Klayton Beldon is right behind the leaders with 8.02-lbs.


We will try and get the draw report up soon too.

Scott Nielsen came in just now with 10.88

Two time winner Cifford Pirch came in with 9.15-lbs.

Brett Lieber with 10.15-lbs.

3:00 Update

Sean Lee came in with 11.25-lbs. but the great part of this story is that he also had a 4.4-lb smallie caught by 13-year old AAA Carson Simms.

2:45 Update U.S. Open

Aaron Marten just came in and had a big bag and is our new leader and big fish leader with 12.98-pounds and a 3.52-pound big fish.

Right behind him was another big name with a big sack of fish... Gary Klein with 11.35-pounds.

2:30 Update

We got some early results and it's typically Lake Mead so far on day one.

Clunn just came in with 8.65-lbs.

Then John Murray came in with 9.65-pound limit to take the early lead. Shortly thereafter Tom Leedom checked in with 10-65-lbs.

Claud Simms also weighed in with a 3.65 big fish.

More to come...

AAA Brian Caulfield is already a winner


Not only did Brian Caulfield split the poker tournament win, he was the first winner of the MotorGuide trolling motor drawing at the tournament partner pairings, and the first boat out on day-one with pro angler Bob Simmons at the partner pairings. Is this some kind of sign, I hope he is doing a lot gambling at the tables in the Casino and lets see how he finishes in the tournament today

Caullfield and Simmons first boat out day-one.

Sean Stafford Jr. drew Caulfield lucky ticket.

Caulfield won the Motorguide trolling motor and 3 Optima batteries.

Ladies are busy while anglers are on the water



While the U.S. Open anglers are on the water for day-one, the ladies had their Ladies Buffet Breakfast and Guess-The-Weight contest. The lady that comes closest to guessing her husband or boyfriends total weight of the tournament will win

U.S. Open day-one launch



U.S. Open day-one launch went smoothly and 112 boats were on the lake in 18 minutes.

Anglers launched with a patchy cloud cover and maybe a slight chance of rain in the morning hours. The weather forecast is calling for 105 degrees as a high for the day.

It looked like there were 3 times the Nitro boats on the water this year compared to last year and Mercury motors still a huge majority in the WON BASS events.

Word has it, Aaron Martens is on fish and the winning pattern just might be tailor made for his style of fishing. Martens could possible be the next 3 time winner of this event and Rick Clunn is also confident in this year’s event and could also be a 3 time winner of the U.S. Open.

The first flight will weigh-in at 2:00 pm and a total of 8 flights total will come to the scales. Check back later for day-one standings.

Rick Clunn

Gregg Gutirez

Dick Watson

The Sponsors Showcase is always one of the highlights of the pre-U.S. Open festivities, and this evening’s event proved to be par for the course, as free product and swag drew a capacity crowd to the Railhead Room in the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino.


Mercury, Nitro, Bass Pro Shops, Daiwa, Boat Bling, Lowrance, SPOT, Z-Blok, Canyon Plastics, Seaguar, Costa sunglasses, Angler’s Arsenal, Zip Baits, Bass King, Eco Pro tungsten, Plano, Luck (E) Strike, and Lobina lures were all on hand doling out items to Open anglers; much of which will undoubtedly prove handy come tournament time tomorrow morning.


The line snaking through the Railhead Room never abated, as everyone clamored to get their free lures, product, and clothing items. It was one of the busiest Sponsor Showcases ever, according to those who’d been around the Open block more than a few times; and considering the value and amount of product being given out, it came as little surprise.


Partner pairings begin in just over an hour, at the conclusion of which the day one lineup will be set. The tournament officially starts tomorrow morning, so stay tuned as the West’s biggest bass tournament gets underway…


The practice days are over and the anglers have a day off before the tournament starts tomorrow. The poker tournament started at 9:00 this morning, the sponsors showcase is at 2:00 pm, and the partner pairings are at 6:00 pm.

RIGGING RODS--left to right is Claude Sims, Carson Sims, and Joe Gunnells of Texas and getting ready for U.S.Open tomorrow.

Some of the anglers are making last minute tackle and boat preparations and others are just enjoying the day off before the 3 day event begins.

“Is that Gary Klein over there,” said Carson Sims from Texas, the youngest angler to ever fish a U.S. Open event. Carson and his dad Claude were rigging rods on top of the Boulder Station garage this morning and Klein was in the boat next to them rigging his rods. I told Carson I would take him over and introduce him to Klein and he immediately said yes. “I got to meet Rick Clunn last night at the Angler Appreciation event last night and that was pretty cool,” said Carson. Klein took some photos with Carson and they chatted as they rigged there rods for tomorrows event.

Pro angler Brett Leber of Dixon CA was also rigging rods with one of the Japanese anglers Naoaki Fujimoto of Osaka Japan. Leber spent 3 days on the water with 3 different Japanese anglers pre-fishing this last week.

Some of the anglers chose to play card at the poker tournament this morning and the non lucky card players, like me, chose to save their money and not donate to the cause.

I can’t wait for the biggest bass fishing event to begin tomorrow!

The New Sponsors Appreciation Kick-Off party is just now getting started and chances are great that the U.S. Open fishermen are enjoying an hour or two of mixing with their fellow competitors before getting into full blown U.S. OPEN tournament mode starting tomorrow. It's a full day on Sunday even though fishing isn't a part of it. There is final registration in the morning, the huge swagfest at the U.S. OPEN Sponsors Showcase and ending early in the evening with the rules and draw pairings for the first two day of the 3 day U.S. OPEN. Obviously the anglers are also focused with getting their gear and strategy in place, and also trying trying to relax indoors, out of the heat, and soak up enough fluids to get them through the following three days on Lake Mead.

Last year during the U.S. OPEN the water level was down to historically low levels due to a the drought in the western Untied States. In this picture of the very scenic "Narrows" which is the canyon the divides where everyone starts at Callville Bay each day in Boulder Basin from the Virgin Basin you can see the line showing the higher water lines.

There has been a lot of talk about the water level at Lake Mead being up some 30 feet versus last year. The picture below was taken during last years US OPEN and it is just a typical cove near Callville Bay. If you move the water line up 30 feet up the bank you can see that their is now some bushes and small trees in the water, whereas in this photo there is very little if any. This is very common over much of the lake.

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Don Duffey
Congratulations to Chris Bozarth! Way to go Chris! Amazing Bass Angler! GO LV BASS CLUB!!!
Bernie Villalobos
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