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Wednesday, January 08, 2014
Duck Hunting
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
More of the same?

Good news, bad news
Hound hunting might come back or use of all dogs for hunting might be banned!

Recently introduced AB 2205 (Donnelly) would change the prohibition of the use of hounds for hunting bears in California, but only if the use of dogs is approved by the County Board of Supervisors. During the debate on passage of SB 1221, the vast majority of California counties expresseD support for the use of hounds while hunting bears.

This bill would require the Department of Fish and Wildlife to make a “Specified report to the Fish and Game Commission on the status of bear populations, management, and related issues every 3 years.” It would also require the DFW to notify each county Board of Supervisors of bear interactions with the general public, of public safety impacts or concerns, bear depredation permit requests and economic impacts due to bear damage, and its recommendations.

This bill would generally prohibit a person from using dogs to hunt, pursue, or molest bears, except when recommended to the Department of Fish and Wildlife by a vote of the board of supervisors of any affected county following a public hearing, as specified.

The bill would require the commission to authorize the use of dogs under those circumstances. This bill would permit the use of one dog per hunter for the hunting of bears during open deer season, and the use of more than one dog per hunter during the open bear season except during the period when archery deer seasons or regular deer seasons are open.

It is expected that anti-hunting, animal-rights groups like Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and others will pull out all stops to try and stop this bill from passing.

The California Fish and Game Commission under President Mike Sutton is considering unheard of moves that would impact hunters in California, pursuing Sutton’s long-time attempts to undermine proper management of the states resources.

According to the “Gaines & Associations Issues and Status Report” of Feb. 25, one of the changes is to consider “zero” take of deer in all zones of California as one of the options to be considered.

To me, this is simply a move to eliminate hunting in California in the future as wolf populations grow in the state and, along with uncontrolled mountain lion populations, decimate the big game herds. With entire herds gone or decimated, a “natural” consideration would be to eliminate hunting, since predators would make the herds numbers too low to allow hunting.

The Commission is also considering recommendations from animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Project Coyote to outlaw coyote hunting competitions.

In regards to listing the gray wolf in California, the DFW formally recommended that the wolf not be listed, but in typical double-speak, DFW Director Chuck Bonham strongly suggested that they do, indeed, list the wolf! Bonham is showing his true colors more and more through his anti-hunting moves and recommendations, and when combined with the anti-hunting sentiment and actions of Mike Sutton of the Fish and Game Commission, the state is headed down a very dangerous path, and one detrimental to all wildlife species within the state.

Gaines also pointed out that the DFW continues to work on a massive package of proposed “Title 14” regulations which will have a huge impact on public use of DFW lands, and many of them are bad news. “For over a year, Gaines & Associates staff has been working with DFW and the Commission to ensure that hunting, fishing, dog training, dog trialing and other uses important to our clients are being fully protected and possibly enhanced in this effort.”

And, the boondoggle called the Fish and Game Commission “Wildlife Resources Committee” continues to be overwhelmed with input from anti-hunting animal-rights groups who have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about wildlife or wildlife management, and the Commission—under Mike Sutton—is eating it up. The meetings are open to everyone, though, so hunters and hunting groups are urged to show up at them insist on proper wildlife management.

Finally, HSUS and Project Coyote have recommended a complete prohibition on the pursuit of all wildlife (including birds) by dogs. They also recommended requiring a depredation permit requirement for all mammals, including bobcats, raccoons and all other predatory mammals. And, the permit would limit the take to one animal, following the example set by DFW Director Chuck Bonham when he re-wrote the mountain lion depredation requirements.

Following the anti-hunting and totally illogical comments by F & W president Mike Sutton, I again urge everyone to send comments to Gov. Brown demanding that he be removed from the Fish and Game Commission immediately. The hunting public has lost faith in his ability to fulfill his job in that capacity.

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