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Outdoor robbery
You’re not safe anywhere, any more!

Thieves. Robbers. They are the bloodsuckers of life. They do nothing, except try to steal what someone else has earned and worked for. They are the bottom rung of human beings… if they can even be called “human beings.”

Thieves produce nothing in life, and live off the work and endeavors of others, taking everything and leaving nothing behind them, except fear, trepidation and insecurity. Those who have been robbed feel violated… like their personal security and safety has been taken. And it has.

But there’s nothing worse than thieves who work the outdoors. These are the lowest rung of humanity, where a low-life, or usually two or three of them, will drive around outdoor recreation areas and look for un­attended cars. Then break into them and steal whatever happens to be in them.

It’s happened to me twice in my life… once down in Big Sur when my Volkswagon microbus was broken into and robbed (yes, those were the “hippie” days), and once when I was fishing the South Fork American River and parked along Hwy. 50 near

Kyburz. They not only broke into my car in Pt. Sur, but stole the whole vehicle, too! 

And now, just on Nov. 11, my fiancé, Tina, and I went up Hwy 50 to meet Forester friend John Pickett of Lake Tahoe, who had agreed to show me some deer and bear hunting spots he knew of. 

Afterwards, I wanted to go by Taylor Creek and see if the kokanee spawn was over with. We pulled off the road in a small parking area near the creek, parked alongside a few other cars and walked back to the creek, passing a young couple and exchanging pleasantries. There were still some dead and rotting kokanee in the creek, but none alive that we saw.

When we got back to the truck, the young couple from Roseville had been robbed! “They took our computers, our backpacks and our clothes,” they said. Apparently, some lowlifes had been hanging around watching the area, and when the couple parked and left their car, the thieves went over and helped themselves. It sounded like the car had not been locked.

Well, why? After all, we’re out in the country, going for a hike, or fishing, or hunting, or riding our bike. This is where nice people go to recreate and enjoy the outdoors and commune with nature. Why would you worry about the bottom rung of society when you’re out in the wilderness? Why, indeed? Apparently, because they are out there, too. Not to enjoy the beauties of nature, but to steal from those who do. 

I just wanted to share the experience I had this week — not a good one — but one that might remind us all to be just as diligent in safety and security while outdoors as when you’re in a parking lot at the mall. The bottom rungs of society are everywhere any more, it seems.

Oh, and just a word of warning to those who do have car break-ins in mind in the outdoors: That unattended, parked vehicle back in the woods might very well belong to an armed hunter… and he or she might be somewhere nearby — armed, and potentially dangerous. Just might not be the best of situations if they come back and find you messing with their vehicle!!

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