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Change in deer tag numbers indicative of hunting future
The writing is on the wall. And it has been for quite a few years, as we have brought to your attention many times before. If you didn’t believe it before, you can now: Animal Rights, anti-hunting activists have a firm hold on California and their efforts are now being seen directly in a big change in the allocation of big game hunting tags issued in California, just announced in a Jan. 8 announcement from the California Fish and Game Commission.

The announced change is striking the number of deer (and other big game species) tags allowed to be sold statewide from a long established number to a series of ranges, with every single one of them much lower than the existing number. That, of course, allows the DFW to respond to lower herd numbers by allowing hunters to shoot far fewer animals.

In case you missed it in my previous writings, this potential lowering of hunting opportunity in California is related to a few different things, the very least of which is what the announcement mentions: “Because various environmental factors including severe winter conditions can adversely affect herd recruitment and over-winter adult survival, the final recommended quotas may fall below the current proposed range in the ‘low kill’ alternative…”. Let’s clarify, EVERY SINGLE change is well below the current range except for the B Zone, which remains 35,000 as a minimum.

The true reason for the change in tag allocations is this: The DFW fully expects big game numbers in California to fall in the very near future, and not because of “winter kill,” but because of predation by the ever-growing numbers of mountain lions, bears, coyotes, and now wolves. That’s the big deal. Now that we have a pack of wolves in California, and they are already beginning to kill livestock, it won’t take very long for more and more wolf packs to spread across the North State and begin wiping out our small herds of elk, and remaining deer herds.

It was not animal-rights activists that brought the wolf pack into California directly, but the huge influx of wolves into the United States was brought about by animal-rights activities nationwide — all part of their plan to replace hunters with predators.

Just as an example of the new proposed tag allocation numbers, the A zone currently offers 65,000 deer tags, but will in the future be 30,000 - 65,000. That means the number of deer tags could be cut by more than 50%. And the same is true of almost every single one of the A through D Zones. For the X zones, Archery Hunts and the Additional Hunts, the same applies, with huge potential cuts in the tag allocation numbers.

Similar changes are being made for elk herds and even bighorn sheep, so the DFW is expecting impacts on every big game species in the state.

This entire thing was a well-thought-out plan that has taken decades to bring online. A big part of it was the replacement of qualified fish and wildlife people in the various state fish and game agencies, and in those who make the fishing and hunting laws, like our very own California Fish and Game Commission. We have suffered severe damage by anti-hunting and fishing Fish and Game Commissioners, and Directors of the DFW who truly don’t support consumptive sports.

The future of hunting in California is growing dim, and that’s tough on hunters and outdoor folks, but it’s even worse for the various wildlife species in California that are being impacted by animal-rights, anti-hunting groups that are bringing about these changes. It is not healthy wildlife management, and it spells doom for some species in the state. But for those anti-hunting zealots, they would rather see deer and elk die violently via tooth and claw than by hunters’ guns.

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