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Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Captain Jesus Araiza, a Baja Legend
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Southbound again…

Pesca La Baja Tournaments, forging friendships
In a mere four years, Pesca La Baja SEPESCABC has established itself as one of the “must-attend” family tournament series in Baja – not only drawing residents of communities where they are held, but also a growing number of anglers from California and beyond. What’s not to like? A competitive event wrapped in a fiesta is a proven formula attractive to both locals and visitors.

DON'T MISS THIS opportunity to participate in these memorable events held throughout northern Baja.

The first of the 2017 series begins with San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez at the local dock this week – May 19-20 – and continues monthly throughout the entire summer. The second will be held at San Luis Gonzaga, June 16-17 and based at Hotel Alfonsina’s, followed by Bahía de Los Ángeles, July 21-22 at the local launch ramp.

Then, the location moves west across the Baja Peninsula to Pacifica at Ensenada, Aug. 25-26 at API Sportfishing Docks before the fifth and Grand Finale, Sept. 22-23 at the Old Mill Hotel in San Quintín.

While most tournaments in Baja have a “cause,” Pesca la Baja simply celebrates sportfishing and the individual communities of anglers who share a common passion for the sport, of course merged with the challenge and rewards of winning.

“The Pesca La Baja Series has been a very fun set of tournaments. I have been fishing them since the beginning and they are well run in really nice locations,” Chris Wheaton, from Orange County, an IGFA Representative and World Record Holder, marveled recently.

The numbers of participants or spectators has grown every year as has the enthusiasm for the event. It manages to blend local and visiting anglers into a unique celebration of sportfishing in towns and villages throughout Baja Norte where “Pesca la Baja” thrives.

Total immersion comes in many shapes. Fishermen from outside Baja and beyond who I’ve spoken with over the years delight in the chance to share their passion for fishing with local anglers, in many cases creating lasting bonds of friendship during these two-day events that have allowed an introduction to Baja’s rich family and fishing culture. Of course, under normal circumstances, this is often something that can only be accomplished after years of residing or traveling and exploring the rugged coast of Baja.

This weekend’s event at San Felipe, only 124 miles below the border, is a great opportunity to view one of the tournaments without driving too far. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in these memorable events held throughout northern Baja. You won’t be disappointed. Often it takes a long time “to know what you don’t know” but in this case you can find out in only a couple of days.

Rules, schedules, places of registration of participants, meeting of captains, time of departure and arrival of boats, weighing of species and awards of the tournaments, are established by local conditions and facilities available.

The rules are straightforward with the competition divided into two categories of heaviest fish:

Surface: Corvina, yellowtail, dorado, sierra, billfish, yellowfin tuna and albacore.

Bottom: All species excluding rays and sharks.

Entry fees range from $700 MXN pesos for adults to $150 MXN pesos for children under 12. US ($38-$8)

Cash Prizes range from around $25,000 MXN pesos to $3,000 MXN pesos for heaviest fish, either surface or bottom. US ($1,350 - $55)

Award for the champion and accumulated best scores of all the series:

Grand Prize: Suzuki outboard motor, 115 hp, plus $30,000 MXN pesos in cash accumulating a total of $ 260,000 MXN pesos in prizes. US ($1,386)

2nd Place: $50,000 MXN pesos in cash plus registration for the Bisbee's Offshore Tournament in Cabo San Lucas. US ($2,666)

3rd Place: $30,000 MXN pesos in cash. US ($1,600)

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