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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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Sponsors bring it! Prizes, contests, drawings
SPONSORS: They do it all for Tuna Jackpot


Sponsors are the key to all tournaments, and no tourney is as connected to its partners than the 20th annual WON Cabo Tuna Jackpot, slated Nov. 7-10. The list of sponsors runs from those Cabo-based businesses that assist the event during its four-day run and far beyond, and those who contribute financial support and products, and of course, those sponsors who not only attend the event but assist in the task of setting up the venues, showing off product and hosting and emceeing the parties and conducting charity efforts.

WIN WITH FREE COSTA OFFICIAL EVENT SHIRTS at check-in, sip beers, pick up some Mustad hook packs at check-in, make sure you get a 2018 team flag, your coils of Seaguar fluoro, Hi-Seas wire packs, and Tuna Jackpot hats, Costa performance shirts, Baja Cantina duffle bags and hats, Baja Cantina backpacks and more to be announced. … there’s a lot of ways to win.

We could not do it without the sponsors, who not only love the event, but many see it as a way to do something for Cabo’s children through charity efforts and also support the region’s sportfishing, while also promoting their products. Some enter the event, too. After a few years of sitting on the sidelines, they get the itch to try to win.

The following is an alphabetical rundown of the 2018 WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot sponsors, and what their role is in the tourney, and the new products they are offering in 2018 and on sponsors row come Nov. 7-10.

ACCURATE: The new official reel sponsor of the Cabo Tuna Jackpot is Accurate, and it could not have been a better fit. That news is relatively hot off the presses with the announcement being made official late last week.

Accurate will be bringing 12 reels to Cabo that will be awarded at the event, and the Corona-based company that manufactures its top-quality reels in-house will be doling out the good stuff. They are offering bigger 600-, 800- and 1000-size products in the Valiant line of offshore reels, plus an ATD 50W. All told, the reels are worth about $8,500 in total.

“We are really stoked to be a part of it,” said Jack Nilsen. “We have been in business for 28 years, and for much of that, especially when we started, we have worked with Western Outdoor News. The Cabo Tuna Jackpot is a great opportunity, so we jumped in and got involved.”

Accurate is also very proud of the new Tern series which stands as the world’s first twin-star drag reels, and they are sure to be a game changer.

For more information on Accurate’s entire line of fishing products, visit

JACK NILSEN of Accurate reels is always after the big fish.  ACCURATE’S VALIANT REELS, 11 of them in larger 600, 800 and 1000 sizes to be exact plus an ATD 50W, will be awarded at the Cabo Tuna Jackpot. The value of the package is more than $8,500.

AFW/HI SEAS: AFW/HI SEAS is a six-year sponsor in 2018 and ready to get anglers wired up for wahoo, which should be showing up solidly in Cabo as the event nears. They will have some great crimping tools and wire for raffles, and will be showing off their various products at check-in. Attending will be sales manager, Steven Miller.

Said Chuck Buhagiar, WON’s advertising director, “This company makes high-quality terminal tackle and trolling lures. Every team will receive a package of their single strand titanium ‘tooth proof’ wire, which is knottable, perfect for wahoo.”

“Also,” said Buhagiar, “they’ll be giving away sleeves, rings, swivels, heavy duty swaging tools, etc., for the charity grand prize drawing. Their Mighty Mini Swivels are the bomb — 100 percent stainless steel, very compact and three times stronger than brass.”

As Tuna Jackpot anglers will learn, AFW is the leading U.S. wire leader producer and the originator of the world’s first knottable leader wire. They offer the industry’s most complete line of wire products made in the United States. Their brands include Tooth Proof, Surflon, Surfstrand and 49 Strand. They also offer a wide array of ad­vanced products, including kink-free and knottable wire, copper trolling wire and Mighty Mini 100-percent stainless steel tackle.

American Fishing Wire continues to make stainless steel wire in its own United States factory located in Westchester, PA. See all their products online at

THIS YOUNG LADY was all about winning Hi-Seas wire and other product from the company in the awards dinner drawings.

BAJA CANTINA: A Cabo mainstay in tournament sportfishing circles, Baja Cantina operates two fabulous restaurants in Cabo and is a major catering company in Cabo. The two Cabo restaurants are Maria Corona in downtown (the site of the Thursday Fiesta) and Baja Cantina on the marina’s malecón. They are again an integral part of the event as a sponsor but they are also providing catering and the site for the Fiesta at Marina Corona, and are co-sponsoring the Best Dressed Contest with Fish­works. The best logos and best coordinated outfits for teams will be judged, and the team that wins gets free meals at the 2018 event. And, they are again sponsoring the official angler Tournament Gift Bags or coolers, given to each team member at check-in.

Be sure to dine at the Baja Cantina for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the bar is always lively. Look up at the rafters! You will see that their connection to sportfishing and tournament competition runs deep. As for Marina Corona, it is one of the premier Mexican restaurants in Cabo, located two blocks behind Squid Roe and a beautiful tree-shaded patio location. Its massive patio also will be the site of the Thursday Fiesta, where the weigh-in from the day will be announced and there will be sponsor drawings, folklorico dancing, and a slide show of the tournament up to that point.

SPONSOR SWAG like the embroidered Baja Cantina coolers given to each angler is a huge part of the event for anglers and the sponsors. This year bags sponsored by Baja Cantina will be given at checkout.

CABO CIGAR CO.: Owner Lupita Lomelin and her staff are back again for a sixth year as a sponsor and will be providing some fun items. At all the Tuna Jackpot events, they will be rolling cigars with the Cabo Tuna Jackpot wrap on-site at check-in and weigh-in, and even at the awards party Saturday night for those who want the freshest product. 

Of course, Cabo Cigar has four retail spots in Cabo with a full selection in its humidified display rooms, where you can select the best cigars from Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and other countries. Looking for single Cuban cigars like Montecristo No. 2s, Partagas Series D Niber 4s, Cohiba Robustos or Cohiba Esplendidos? Visit any of their Cabo stores to find a Cohiba cigar model, or Vitola, that is right for you.

Lupita and her staff will set up at any event — weddings are a popular spot for them in Cabo — and Cabo Cigar Company will be providing cigars and a custom cigar box given to the championship team on stage as they celebrate. For all of Cabo Cigar’s services at their stores and at your next special event, see their website at

CABO CIGAR CO. will be hand rolling CTJ cigars for sale at check-in and the weigh-in and they will be giving the championship team an engraved humidor filled with them. And… DON’T buy the fake Cuban cigars sold by vendors in Cabo.

CABO ESCAPE: Pay $30 PP each day and enjoy coffee, mimosas, breakfast burritos, music and dancing after we check in all the boats as the sun comes up. There is not a better party boat in Cabo, and when you see the Cabo Escape, you’ll know it is a cut above in every way with a professional staff sure to get your Cabo vibe going. At Cabo Escape Tours, every tour starts with a well-maintained, clean open-air double-deck catamaran.

The catamaran is equipped with a level cockpit (lower deck) salon with a view — bringing Los Cabo’s beautiful outdoors in. All food is prepared fresh daily for you right on board in their clean kitchen. The upper deck is equipped with an open-air bar/lounge area with lots of complimentary beverages to quench your thirst with plenty of dance space.

“Our crew is your new best friend with a love for the ocean and passion for customer ser­vice — we also have an emcee that will make any tour unforgettable,” said Justin Benham, general manager.

Cabo Escape is a diversified company, which includes Wild Cape Tours, the Cabo Escape, Cape Legend and the Invita restaurant. Tours include the snorkel fun cruise, breakfast whale watching cruise and the sunset fajitas tour, and all operate every day. Keeping in tradition with Los Cabo’s famous nightlife, Cabo Escape is open several nights at the dock as a floating night club. They also offer private charters, weddings, birthday parties and special events with a 200-passenger capacity. Call toll-free from the US/Canada 1 (866) 885-6555, or in Mexico 52 (624) 105-0177, or e-mail See more at

THE CABO ESCAPE is again the official start boat for 2018. The group is always great fun. Check out all their services and schedules and prices for private charters at the table at check-in. And be sure to come on the charter both Thursday and Friday — if you are not fishing. Everyone is welcome to come aboard, for a charitable donation of $30 toward

CALSTAR: The legendary Southern California rod maker is joining WON at the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament. They belong and then some — Calstar fishing rods and blanks have set the standard for saltwater anglers worldwide. Calstar is bringing a dozen of their Grafighter rods as Jackpot prizes. Designed by renowned rod maker Leon Todd, they offer strength, durability and performance to catch serious fish


Grafighters are especially and deservedly known as deadly fish stoppers. They are state of the art, light in weight yet providing strong recoil for landing the biggest fish —including potentially Jackpot winning cows.

For more information, visit

 CAPT. TONY’S: Capt. Tony’s Restaurant and Bar is a fantastic spot to dine and listen to live music right there marina-side next to Pisces Sportfishing in the marlin sculpture area just below the Hotel Tesoro. Break­fast burritos and bagels before fishing — hot coffee REALLY early? You bet. They are on it. The food is killer, especially the pizza, and the prices are very un-Cabo-like, especially at the bar. Check out the famous Famous Tuna Wall with 19 years of history and team results framed, plus the Gray Taxidermy replica of the record tuna, the 383-pound 

yellowfin by Fisher Man and the perpetual trophy with all 18 previous winners on the plates. You really feel the history of the event while dining. Manager Alex Alvarez and his staff do a great job.

THE FAMOUS TUNA WALL at Capt. Tony’s, which will have all the winners nam,es and each year’s history of the event, plus the Gray Taxidermy replica of the 383-pound yellowfin by Team Fisher Man, the current tourney record.

COSTA SUNGLASSES: Dave and Amy Bulthuis and Costa will again be major sponsors at the tournament, providing every angler with an event long sleeve t-shirt, and they have dozens of pairs of sunglasses to give away. Costa’s involvement goes deep into the fabric of the event on so many levels. Of course, they will have a booth display at check-in and again sponsor the “Show Us Your Costas!” start boat both days on the luxurious Cabo Escape Thursday and Friday at the Cabo Arch.

They will also be doing plenty for children’s charities in Cabo. Last year they had a ton of Costa promotional items at their booth and you just named your own price, and that amount went to charity. Those and other efforts generated $20,000 for, which conducts free cranial and facial/cleft palate surgeries for Baja children at two week-long clinics in April and October. Dave Bulthuis always comes loaded for bear with clothing and sunglasses for prizes. Stop by and see the new Costa line-up. It’s just amazing.

Costa’s newest product releases, offered at top tackle shops including Minerva’s in Cabo, range from men’s top-grade glasses to some pretty stylish items for the ladies.


“Those sunglasses will be among the many drawings for free sunglasses on the charity start boat charters sponsored by Costa,” said Bulthuis. “We will hand out a LOT of our new women’s sunglasses in the drawings during the cruise.”  

The two-hour charters Thursday and Friday mornings will be catered by Capt. Tony’sand Cabo Escape with breakfast burritos, coffee, juice and mimosas — as it is every year, and it is a blast. The charter fee is $30, anyone can come, and all money goes to Smiles Inter-national on behalf of Costa and the Cabo Escape that is donating the boat to the tournament each morning. The charters run from 6 to 8 a.m. from the IGY fuel dock down the ramp in front of the Tesoro.

In addition, Show Us Your Costas is back and nearly every boat will be photographed as they show their sunglasses and number, and if you give Dave Bulthuis at check-in your e-mail, the photo of your boat/team as it goes by will be e-mailed to the team captain after the event.

As for the newest Costa products: “See more of what’s out there” in challenging lowlight conditions with Costa’s new Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens, ideal for low-light situations, great for any sight casting applications and Costa’s most versatile lens for changing light conditions.

The Sunrise Silver Mirror allows 30 percent light transmission versus the typical 10 to 12 percent and does this successfully while maintaining a 99-percent polarization efficiency — making it the highest light transmission of any polarized lens on the market.

“Having been in field testing with some of our pro staff since last summer, the early indicators are we have a game changer,”
remarks John Sanchez, vice pre­sident of product design for Costa. “It will transform the way sight fishing anglers approach wearing glasses throughout the day. The Sunrise Silver Mirror sharpens contrast all day but performs best under the toughest low-light conditions, making it ideal for dusk and dawn performance and cloudy fishing days. The mirrored finish also helps deflect harsh light away from the eye to ease eye strain and help reduce eye fatigue.”

The Sunrise Silver Mirror features Costa’s proprietary 580 technology offering 100-percent protection from harmful UV light and is currently available in polycarbonate. Polarization film on both the front and back side of the lens reduces the strong presence of yellow light to help eliminate glare, while green, red, and blue hues are enhanced, creating greater clarity and contrast. Scratch resistant and prescription ready, the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is currently offered in a limited frame selection that includes the Blackfin, Corbina, Fantail, Fisch, Motu, Tuna Alley, Southpoint and Isabella styles.

For more information, contact 1 (800) 447-3700 or visit the company’s website at Join the conversation on Facebook at or on Twitter @CostaSunglasses.

SHOW US YOUR COSTAS is back on the start boat. If you win, you get a set of free Costas for every team member. Just go online, order your style and lens and within a week, you are wearing ‘em.

DREAMMAKER CHARTERS: Dreammaker Charters and Gricelda’s Smokehouse — located just a few yards from the weigh-in — has been with the tourney from the very start, and with Grace and Dale Cote contributing at so many levels, it’s hard to list.

Besides competing most years with its charterboats and even winning the event one year, the Cote’s Smokehouse and charter business has helped WON with the official tourney channel/ radio, the mountaintop repeater, designed and welded the new custom Gray Taxidermy scale used today and installed the winch and delivered it to the site each year and taken it back to the storage yard.

The Cotes also distribute posters and promotional materials and banners for the event throughout the year, and even though it might affect their smokehouse business, a few years ago, they set up a church donation of fish at the tourney weigh-in to help the less fortunate in Cabo.


Grace, Dale and their family also provide the tuna carts and manpower to get the tuna to and from the boats, and provide labor to break down some of the venues late into the night. Bottom line — they are great friends, supporters of the event from the very first day, and it would be tough to do the event without them, without their local support and hard work promoting it to local businesses and crews.  


Of course, they have a solid business that does a fantastic job processing your catch how you want, whether it’s just filleting or smoking it, and they get it vacuum-packed and ready for transport home. See them online at Their facility is on the malecón in the Tesoro Hotel corridor of shops, near Baja Cantina.  


FISHWORKS: The premier SoCal-based fishing clothing company now in its 21st year is back as the official clothing sponsor of the Tuna Jackpot. As attending sponsors, they will be donating four $125 gift certificates to the team that wins the Fishworks/Baja Cantina Best Dressed Contest, to be awarded at the Friday Fiesta at Maria Corona. Lawrance Quigley and wife Jamie are in the midst of their 21st year and Lawrance is going full-bore in the business, expanding styles of t-shirts, board shorts, new rough water outerwear, windbreakers and hats, beanies, logos and very cool patterns. When you wear Fishworks, people know you are a serious angler.

Fishworks was born on the decks of sportfishers where Lawrance worked for 14 years out of Dana Landing and then down in San Diego on the long range boat Royal Star, and he took that knowledge and began making durable, wind-resistant and lightweight clothing that the crewmen demanded for working long hours in cold and wind — clothing that would be warm and stand up to abuse. His roots are in fishing but also in surfing as a designer for Oakley Sunglasses, for whom he worked for 12 years


Fishworks keeps their line, now expanding, in key fishing tackle outlets.

“We don’t see ourselves as a niche company,” he said. It’s a family operation with his wife Jamie, son Fisher and daughter Ruby, all helping get the product out to retailers. “We think we appeal to everyone who fishes — the surf fishermen, the guy on a party boat, a Cabo guy, a skiff fisherman, a long ranger. I don’t want to pigeonhole our appeal.”

His product line is amazing, available online via certificates for the Best Dressed Contest, plus you can bid on a Fishworks clothing package at the Awards Dinner Silent Auction on Saturday night to benefit the charity.

For more details and information on Fishworks, just go to

FISHWORKS clothing is designed for harsh fishing conditions and is not only durable, but in great styles and the Fishworks will be giving away gift certificates for clothing you can order for the best dressed contest and the Grand Prize drawings.

GRAY TAXIDERMY: Bill Dobbelaer will be in Cabo and donating 200-pound-class mounts for charity efforts plus big-fish mounts for the wahoo/dorado optional. Gray Taxidermy has been in the marine taxidermy business for over 50 years and has produced over 500,000 fish mounts. As the largest marine taxidermy company in the world, their team takes pride in producing the finest quality and most life-like mounted fish available.

Who better to support and sponsor the world’s largest tuna tournament than Gray? As general manager of Gray Taxidermy, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Dobbelaer is an avid offshore angler and one of the pioneers of deep-drop fishing for swords off the Florida Coast. He’s a passionate angler who is also dedicated to giving back to the local Cabo community.

Gray is also the sponsor of the Wahoo/Dorado Optional, which means that both the largest wahoo and the largest dorado over two days get a free mount for the team captain. Of course, Gray will also be creating a mount for the champs of the largest tuna caught during the event.

Whether you want to match your trophy catch exactly or just decorate the walls of your home or office, Gray Taxidermy is the place to order from when you want the absolute best quality and durability. Gray has been sponsoring WON’s tournaments for years, with each winning team captain shipped a free fish mount.

Their thousands of available molds ensure that your selection will be an exact replica of your fish. Or, if you prefer, they will be happy to paint your trophy to any picture that you may have. Call (800) 452-5501, talk to
your charter captain or visit

Gray can create a beautiful mount for most any game fish species. After stopping by their office jammed with their quality mounts that is next to Pisces on the marina malecón, stop by a few doors down at Capt. Tony’s restaurant to see the Cabo tournament record, a 383 pounder by team Fisher Man. Gray is also the sponsor of the weigh scale area.

TRAVIS MOORE AND PAM DOBBELAER OF GRAY TAXIDERMY will be on hand discussing fish mounts and the tagging program that is so dear to the company’s heart. Gray provides a fish mount to the winning team and also sponsors the weigh scale it built year ago for the event. PHOTO BY RICH HOLLAND


KINGFISHER CHARTERS, SITKA: Kingfisher Lodge in Sitka,  is giving away two three-day, four-night trips for one person,  each valued at $2,495.   One of  trips will go to the  Kingfisher Guess The Winning Fish’s Weight Contest (biggest tuna of the event), and the other trip  will be offered up in a silent auction Saturday night for charity.  

Kingfisher is a premier lodge in Sitka, with top guides and equipment. WON hosts a trip every fall and the fishing is always off the hook. The lodge offers great food, great fishing and accommodations and it just happens that Sitka is one of the most beautiful cities in the state with a wealth of history. It's trip that creates some amazing memories.

Owner Seth Bone and his staff of Kingfisher Charters offer a first class all-inclusive Alaska fishing trip for a reasonable price. For more information, call (800) 727-6136, or go to


TWO KINGFISHER TRIPS to Sitka, Alaska, will be given out in the in Cabo, one for the Guess the Fish Contest and another will be up for a   Silent Auction on Saturday. The pair of trips features two days of, fantastic salmon and halibut fishing and world famous service and cuisine.


MARINA CABO SAN LUCAS: The IGY Cabo San Lucas Marina is one of the finest facilities in the world, and it is not an easy task keeping the equipment up to date and working, but they do it as though they were in a major coastal city.

The Tuna Jackpot is the biggest tournament of the year in Cabo, and the marina officials have set up a temporary — but full-size — dock ramp at the weigh-in area and each year move two huge tour boats from the docks at key periods to allow sportfishers to safely back into the massive slips with their fish, and dramatically roll them up to the awaiting crowd. In addition, they allow the official start boat the two-deck party ship Cabo Escape to dock at the IGY Fuel Dock, to pick up passengers before the boats check in out at the Arch. For more details, look at

THE IGY MARINA RAMP is built just for the event for two days of weigh-ins, and the marina fuel dock is ground zero for the charity start boat on Thursday and Friday mornings. PHOTO BY RICH HOLLAND

MARINA PUERTO ESCONDIDO -- Like it or not, isolated, quaint Loreto is growing up on a 140 mile stretch of Baja coastline that until now has been largely isolated for larger sportfishers and yachts.

Loreto’s small marina and launch ramp is sufficient only for pangas and trailerable boats to 29 feet, but 15 miles to the south, Marina Puerto Escondido is quickly taking shape and opens the southern region to sportfishing inside and out. That includes local yellowtail and grouper-laden reefs to Isla Catalan 30 miles away, to the El Seco pinnacle a 50-mile run. And there is a new carrot for anglers 60 to 70 miles straight out, the edges and drop-off of the rarely fished trench in the middle of the Sea of Cortez, a canyon 6,000 feet deep and the stuff of legendary stories of striped, blue and black marlin, tuna schools under porpoise and swordfish.

As a new sponsor of the Cabo Tuna Jackpot, Marina Puerto Escondido is offering up a special prize. Marina officials will be attending the event, and displaying at check in. They're offering up a free slip good for one month in 2019 for any yacht up to 100 feet, which is up to a $4,800 value, going to the owner of the non charterboat boat that caught the largest fish in the tourney.

The keys for boaters looking to consistently access these fishing grounds are fuel, repairs, a large-boat lift and concrete ramp, and safe dockage for larger yachts capable of these runs. Puerto Escondido’s inner section of the natural bay was recently dredged and recently accepted its first yacht of 150 feet. The deeper channel can now accommodate yachts of up to 200 feet; the channel can accept drafts of 12.5 feet at low tide and just over 17 feet during high tide.

There has been a 27-slip marina back in the canals, but In January another 20 slips were installed in front of the new two-story marina complex of offices, stores and a restaurant. In March, another 80 slips are expected to go on line for a total of 120 slips. There are 19 others earmarked for private waterfront homes in what is called the Waicuri development.

“As for our final total buildout, we will likely continue to expand with a second phase of slip construction so I am not sure what our final total buildout will be, but we have around 120 slips now,” said the marina’s marketing manager Stenson Hamann, son of Curt Hamann.

The amenities for guests include a rooftop restaurant and pool, a fuel dock, launch ramp, a 50-ton travel lift, laundry service, a marina store and office space for charter and tour companies.

Even with the marina, Puerto Escondido retains much of its natural Baja identity, and its outer area continues to provide safe and picturesque anchorage for dozens of Baja sailboats plying the Sea of Cortez.

There are two families on both sides of the border investing in the project. One is Inmobiliaria JEP, a family-owned real estate business based in Guadalajara with experience in developing exclusive, gated, residential real estate subdivisions primarily in the state of Jalisco.

San Diego-based Hamann Companies is headed by brothers Jeff and Curt Hamann with both property development and construction divisions. Their father fell in love with Loreto in the late 1960s, and cruising the Sea of Cortez and anchoring in Puerto Escondido put the boys on the path to Baja adventure and a love of scuba-diving, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, sailing, and paddle-boarding.

For details: or contact harbormaster Javier Fuerte at

THE MARINA PUERTO ESCONDIDO MARINA offers 120 slips and boater services opening the coast, nearby islands, and outer waters to larger fishing and cruising boats. They are a new sponsor of the Cabo Tuna Jackpot, offering a month’s free slip to the owner of the boat (not chartered) with the biggest tuna in 2018.

MINERVA’S TACKLE: Minerva’s Tackle in Cabo is the official clothing retailer of the tournament and will be not only competing in the tourney with its Minerva I, II and III fleet of top-notch sportfishers and captains, but will be selling clothing at the check-in and other venues, and also at their fantastic tackle shop in downtown Cabo. All proceeds go to In 2017, that donation was $4,500.

If you need anything for fishing — clothing, top-of-the line rods, Okuma reels, Costa sunglasses, new line on your reels, the latest and hottest in lures and Seaguar fluoro, Minerva Smith and Bob Smith have it. They have been serving Cabo sportfishing and the community for more than 40 years and have supported the Tuna Jackpot from its inception 20 years ago. You can reach them from Baja by calling 011 52 624 143-1282 and from the U.S. at
1 (909) 266-3154; Web:

MINERVA SMITH and staff will get you rugged up at her shop and she will be selling t-shirts at check-in with all proceeds going to Each year does it, and last year she donated  $4,500 from the sale.

MUSTAD HOOKS, TOOLS: Packs of Mustad’s new and innovative Triangle Hooks will go to every team at check-in, plus more hook packs for drawings, plus clothing and free hats for teams that weigh in. Those Triangle Hooks were a real head turner when they were unveiled at the 2018 ICAST Show.

Many huge tuna have been caught on Mustad hooks at the event including the 2012 winning 372-pound fish, and a bunch of the other monsters over 200 pounds. Not long after the behemoth was brought to the scale, Mustad had the distinction of seeing what is now known as the Million Dollar World Record Fish, a 427, landed in 2012 by the Suertudo team on a multi-day trip out of Cabo.

Mustad’s unique, three-stage opti-angle sharpening process provides all the benefits of a chemically sharpened needlepoint, including quick and effective penetration in com­bi­nation with incredible strength and durability. Mustad’s Nor-Tempering process Makes UltraPoint up to 30 percent stronger than conventional hooks, for more confidence when battling the big ones. In Cabo, Minerva’s has a full range of Mustads on sale.

NATIONAL RENTAL CAR: National Rental Car has been the official Cabo Tuna Jackpot rental agency in Cabo for several years and for 2018 they have a special offer for all Tuna Jackpot Tournament teams and guests. Go to and enter the code tunajackpot2018, or call the 877 number to get the special rate valid through Nov. 20.

This year, National is offering a week’s car rental for free in the National Sticker Contest. Put the stickers on the boats and all those we see will go into a drawing for the team, announced Friday night.

Of course, our advice is to not hassle with shuttles and taxis. Be met at the airport exit by a friendly National rep, get whisked to the nearby, air conditioned office, and drive to Cabo and anywhere else in the region at your own schedule. Don’t take chances with other agencies. The National fleet of cars is top-of-the line, and they have a full array of vehicles to choose from. It’s a busy time of year when the Tuna Jackpot rolls around, so reserve your car now. See their ad in this supplement, or go to the ad and logo link on the website www.loscabostuna or call now at 1 (844) 382-6875. In Mexico, call 01 800 716 6625.

NATIONAL RENTAL car offers special tourney rates. Go to www.loscabostunajackpoit and clkick on the link for savings during tourney week.

PISCES SPORTFISHING: Pisces Sportfishing is as integral to the tournament as any company in its history. The fleet of boats is always booked in the event, and Marco and Tracy Ehrenberg and her staff at the office also serve as the official Cabo sign-up site for Cabo teams.

Tracy and Marco work with local officials to pave the way for the event to run smoothly, as much of it is held on the public malecón. It’s the details and keeping the event and local officials feeling involved and welcome. That is just a small part of the Pisces involvement, not just in the tourney, but in Cabo sportfishing in general. Tracy’s reports to the media about the fishing in Cabo, including tournament results for all events, are hugely valuable to Cabo San Lucas. And, then there are the charitable efforts by the Ehrenbergs that focus on the children of Baja, where the need is so great.

This year, Tracy will again serve as the bilingual translator for the event, and she does it with such skill, she could work at the United Nations! For details on the Pisces operation, see

PLANO TACKLE BOXES: Several Plano tackle bags and other assorted tackle storage systems as well as several travel rod tubes will be awarded in drawings. Of course, Plano has been a proud sponsor of the WON/Cabo Tuna Jackpot for nearly every year, with a ton of great new bags as giveaways to lucky anglers in free drawings. For more information, visit

PLANO PROVIDES a lot of tackle boxes of all styles for the raffles and also several rod tubes that are always a big hit.

SEAGUAR FLUOROCARBON LEADER AND BRAID: Seaguar has been a sponsor of the tourney for 19 of the event’s 20 years. This year, the company will be at check-in and providing one coil of 100-pound
fluoro­carbon line to each team and have bulk spools of its 16-strand hollow core Thread-Lock braid for drawings.

It debuted two years ago and is a top seller. It’s amazing, and so easy to connect.

Seaguar Blue Label is made from PURE fluoro, making it more abrasion-resistant and invisible to fish when you “need to succeed” in tournament fishing. And if you have any doubts, in 2012 when the winning team North Star from the Estrella Del Norte wheeled their fish up the IGY marina ramp the second day, the Mustad hook connected to the Seaguar fluoro leader was still in the fish’s jaw. Yes, THAT fish, the 372 pounder that claimed $233,000 and change. That could be you this year.

Seaguar is the No. 1 fluoro in the world and it’s hard to even count the IGFA world records and big-game tournament wins for the line. At check-in, you can see all their new product lines. So what is so great about Seaguar? Well, it has 34-percent better knot strength than leading competitor fluorocarbons.

Seaguar is the original and plenty of products have come into the market since, but no fluoro is more clear, UV-resistant, chemical-resistant, non-absorbant, high-density and impervious to cold conditions. is the place to check out the product line, stop by Minerva’s in Cabo and ask Minerva and Bob Smith about the product line. It’s jammed on the wall racks for good reason. It makes the difference.

SEAGUAR flouro coil packs will be among the many drawing prizes three of the four nights. Stu Webber won some last year at the awards dinner.

SOLOMON’S LANDING: Brian Solomon, owner of Solomon’s Landing restaurant, has been a 20-year supporter of the Tuna Jackpot. Only Dreammaker Charters and Gricelda’s Smokehouse have been sponsors that same amount of time. That’s loyalty.

While fishing is his passion, his restaurant on the malecón is an obsession, a focal point for his life as a chef.

We are about quality. We don’t charge what we should for the quality of our food because everything is the best quality and prepared by our Cordon Bleu-trained chef and his staff. But I’m not in it to get rich. It’s about having a great product at a great location and being successful.”

He has more than 80 employees working at two restaurants, both side-by-side on the malecón. This year he is again the official caterer of the 2018 Awards Dinner at the massive cruise ship pier, as big as a football field, with a massive amount of room, with unobstructed sight lines to the stage from the tables, and there are even docks if you want to take a water taxi directly to the event, step up to the pier and order a drink. See more at

SOLOMON'S LANDING is a 20-year sponsor, and is not only a great place to done on fine food and drink on the marina, but they are the official caterer of the awards dinner. 

TERRAFIN: Jeff Gammon of Terrafin Satellite Imaging will again be at the Cabo Tuna Jackpot check-in handing out free color images that are the most current possible to the event, and will be donating several annual memberships to his SST service.

He said,“November is coming up fast and at Terrafin, we’re looking forward to this year’s Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot tournament. We plan to be in attendance at the tournament again this year. Terrafin has provided satellite imaging for Baja Sur for over 17 years and has been a sponsor of the tournament since 2007. In that time, we’ve had great support from the sportfishing community down there, and made some good friends that we’re happy to see every year. And share a few tequilas!”

At the Captains’ Meet­ing/regis­tration, they will be providing each team with printouts of the most recent satellite shots, so look for their table across from registration.

“We’ll also be available for any questions. If you need any help getting our Terrafin Mobile app set up on your phone or tablet, we can give you a quick tutorial.

One of our favorite features of the Tuna Jackpot is the contributions they make every year to local charity organizations — this year it is again We’ll be trying to help out a bit too, with a raffle to win a 5-year Terrafin subscription. It’s $10 for a ticket, and all proceeds will go to the tournament charity. Stop by the booth!”

Visit their website at, or give them a call at (800) 993-0939.

TESORO CABO SAN LUCAS RESORT: The Tesoro is the official hotel of the WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot, and has been for most of its 19 years in Cabo. While it has gone under several names — Plaza Las Glorias, Tesoro — it has seen improvements each year to its facilities.

A new pool and patio/restaurant area was finished three years ago, as well as a new workout room and beautiful spa below the pool patio. Before that, a new lobby and convention room area was built and there was a complete room refurbishment, which has gone several steps farther for 2018 with $1 million in improvements, including new furniture inside and out and updated bathrooms and high-end glass-door showers.

The biggest advantage for Cabo visitors and especially tournament anglers is the value you get for the rooms, the view and the location, just steps from the Cabo Marina. The views from the marina-side rooms are fantastic — especially the sunrise as you look out at the beautiful Arch.

To get the great hotel rates for the tourney, go to and click on the logo, and be sure when you call the hotel or e-mail them that you give them the code, “tuna” for 10 percent off the current rate.

THE TESORO HOTEL is the official hotel of the Cabo Tuna Jackpot and each year improves its services to go with its fantastic staff. Go to the website and click on the link to book your hotel stay for the tourney.

WIN-TEAM: WIN-TEAM is back as a longtime sponsor — and a competitor —and will be giving out some fun items for the welcome bag! WIN-TEAM is a comprehensive financial services firm that boasts one of the most respected reputations in all of Southern California. Pamela J. Lorenz of WIN-TEAM participates each year, and has the distinction of being a 19-year participant in the Tuna Jackpot, all but one.

“You can watch things happen, you can make things happen, or you can wonder what the hell just happened. Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen! Let me help you make it happen! Give me the opportunity to become an advocate for your financial well-being.”

Pamela is a Registered Representative with, and offers securities through First Allied Securities, Inc. (FASI), a registered broker dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. WIN-TEAM and First Allied Securities are not affiliated entities. Tax Preparation services are not endorsed by nor affiliated with First Allied Securities, Inc.

For more information, look on the web at You can e-mail Pamela at, and she can be reached in Anaheim Hills, California at (800) 500-7519.

YO-ZURI LURES: Yo-Zuri is back again, sponsoring the Captains’ Meeting and showering the anglers with their latest products.

The company is doling out $500 worth of 2018 Yo-Zuri tuna lures for DAILY Biggest Tuna and $500 in wahoo lures for the largest DAILY wahoo or dorado. In addition, they will be bringing down packs of lures for the drawings, and a ton of free hats as gifts at the Captains’ Meeting.

Yo-Zuri Sashimi 3D Series lures are the only ones in the world to hold three new international patents; Color-Change Technology, 3D Prism Finish and ­­­Wave-Motion Vibration. Color- Change Technology imitates the natural color changing behavior of fleeing baitfish, which excites fish to feed. When the lure changes direction and color, the reaction strike occurs. The 3D Prism lens doubles the light reflection attributes, which attracts fish from long distances. The third patent is the Wave-Motion Vibration, which is sensed by the fish’s lateral line enticing it to investigate the source.

These lures also take advantage of a fish’s ability to see in the ultraviolet light spectrum by featuring true UV colors and UV attack points at the belly hook. For more information, visit

YUMMEE FLYERS: Carolina Lures fits perfectly into the big tuna tournament slot as maker of the famed Yummee Flyer, which was originated in 2001 by Jim McKeral and his wife Judy, who have owned Carolina Lures for 25 years and are based in Hiawassee, Georgia.

McKeral wanted to come up with a lure that would attract surface bites on heavy tackle, and through trial and error over years, perfected the Yummee Flyer, which imitates a flying fish and now comes in six sizes and styles. Most Yummees skitter across the surface under a kite, but McKeral says he also has one that is a diver that can be used with a downrigger and high-speed Z-Wing planers. He says they also work great in combo with marlin lures, the Yummee being clipped on at the marlin lure’s snap swivel so it looks like a game fish is chasing a flying fish. And, multiple small Yummees are killer in daily chains.


Yummees are wildly popular for the new SoCal bluefin bite but they have been used for big game all over the world, especially off Cabo, and particularly in tournaments that have time limits and heavy line is critical. In 2016, the Reel Quest swept the Day Two tuna optionals and won over $300,000 and that team caught at least five tuna over 150 pounds over the two days. That includes their second place 274 pounder, on the Yummee.

The most popular size is the 9-inch, he says, but the 8-inch is new and has great surface action on the wings that is even more desirable for tuna and other big game on the troll. McKeral is providing a set of Yummees for the drawing at the first night’s Welcome Party, plus other promotional items.

Check out for the Chinee form-fitting chin weight that ads performance and durability and is far superior to adding an egg weight in front of the lure for flying the kite. Chinees have an integral line bore to fit on the leader and a pin that is forced into the soft body of the lure. The Chinee can also be super glued or glossed to the Yummee’s soft body. Adding a Chinee can enable a higher trolling speed if desired. The website also shows the various rigging methods.


Keep in mind, knockoffs with similar names are not the same. The rubber-type material in knock-off Chinese products degrades, stiffens, often melts and does not have the same skipping characteristic, which guarantees the Yummee will flip back upright. The devil is in the years of design and the plastic formula. Look for more intel at or

MORE THAN TWO DOZEN YUMMY FLYERS, fully rigged, will be given out in drawings at the welcome party Wednesday night, read to go for your use.

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